Couple gets engaged after man travels 4,000 miles to meet woman who liked a photo of him and his friend’s cat

After Anna liked a photo of him and his friend’s cat, Adam flew 4,000 miles to meet her – now, they are engaged.

  • Two months after the woman liked and commented on his post, the man flew to America to meet her.
  • They dated long-distance for a few months and then were unable to meet again due to the pandemic.
  • The woman then flew to London when the borders opened in July and now, they are engaged.

Nowadays, most love stories begin with the Internet.

Adam Lawrence and Anna Hosey connected in October 2019 after they interacted through the “This Cat Is Chonky” group. Adam had posted a photograph of himself holding a cat and Anna had liked the post, commenting “Cute”. Seeing this comment, Adam had gathered the courage to message Anna and just two months after this, he had flown 4,000 miles from Britain to America just to meet her. Since then, they dated long-distance and were unable to meet for months due to the pandemic. This time, it was Anna who made a grand romantic gesture as she flew to England as soon as the borders opened in July. The couple moved in together over lockdown and it was then that Adam decided to propose.


Talking about their relationship, Adam explained:

I knew Anna was leaving and I wanted our relationship to carry on so I just decided to propose. My friends and family all love her. I don’t usually date. I haven’t had that many relationships so when everyone met Anna, they all said wow she’s amazing, you guys have to try and make it work. We had spoken about getting married a couple of times but hadn’t really reached a decision.I was originally planning to do it on London Bridge but I remembered Anna said she didn’t want it to be in a busy place so I waited til the next day. We’d had a nice day out in Camden and I just proposed in my room and she said yes!

Similarly, Anna expressed her feelings as she said:

I wasn’t completely surprised—when it happened, it was more of a sense of excitement for the direction that our future is going to be going officially. It felt more like affirming what we wanted.

The couple hopes to get married next year in London and Anna is planning on moving to the UK to live with Adam full time. It is the romantic gestures and love stories of people like Adam and Anna that remind us that when the love is real, nothing can come between two people. 

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