If you constantly ignore your woman, you will only teach her how to live without you

Do you want to know how to lose your good woman fast?

Ignore her. She will quickly understand she deserves better, and she’ll move on without you.

Anyone who has given all of their love and attention to their partner hates it when they’re being ignored by the very same person. And in the age we live in, with all these smartphones and toxic social media, it’s much easier to neglect someone. Romantic dates are not the same anymore.

There are no candles, no flowers, no fine wine. Just two people hanging out together while scrolling through their newsfeed.

When you are on a date with your partner, your attention should be focused on them, not on your phone. So many couples out there look like strangers while holding hands.

That’s because instead of enjoying their own company, they stare at the shallow blue light and ignore each other’s presence.

Stop staring at your screen! Stare at the amazing woman beside you. She spent hours making herself beautiful for you, and you don’t even notice. And even if she calls you out and tells you this bothers her, you still wouldn’t be able to figure out what’s wrong.

Listen to her! If you don’t pay attention to your woman on time, you might lose the best thing that has ever happened to you. You will lose her because she will realize she is not appreciated in your company. She will see that you have no eyes for her beauty.

If you keep neglecting her, she will soon realize that she doesn’t need you. After all, why staying with someone who doesn’t appreciate you? Why waste your time on someone who pays more attention to their phone, rather than their loved one? She is intelligent enough to see through you and understand when she’s not in the picture anymore.

When you constantly ignore your woman, she gets used to a life without you.

The more you take her for granted, the more she learns how to live without you. She should be the most important person in your life. She should be your lover, your friend, your shoulder to cry on. This woman is not made for staying in the background while you’re doing whatever you’re doing right now.

You might think that she would never leave you because she loves you, and she will always be there for you. Yes, she does love you with all her heart, but she is not stupid. She can’t take this carelessness anymore. The moment she feels like it’s meaningless to keep begging for your precious attention, she will vanish from your life. You will lose this good woman over your ignorance.

Once she feels like you don’t even respect her anymore, she will quickly find her way out of this relationship. No one should taste the bitterness of being neglected by the person they love the most. Hopefully, that’s not what you want to do to her.

In case you want to keep this amazing woman beside you, you need to put effort into showing her how much she means to you.

Take her out to dinner. Tell her how beautiful she is. Put your phone down and be present. And don’t ever let her realize the hard way she doesn’t need you to be happy. Because once she does, you’re going to be history.

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