7 Habits To Transform Your Confidence Around Ladies

Many things are easier said than done in life

– including keeping your game fresh around the ladies and remaining full of fresh and uplifting confidence, even when you feel less than stellar. The key to gaining lasting confidence around the opposite sex is this: You have to integrate your game into all of your habits – because that’s who you are. You have to think like someone who knows how to keep their cool and be the guy that leaves all the ladies laughing hysterically and whispering to their girlfriends about how rad you are.

You have to think like that, because that is who you are becoming!

The new you doesn’t have to sweat it when a new girl comes walking by, or that hot little office chick asks for your number. You’ve got game alright! Your cup runs over with confidence. You integrate these 7 habits into every day.

1. Pay Attention to The Details

When it comes to being a well-groomed man, you have to be proactive about that stuff! Get your hair cut on a very regular basis, trim your fingernails, moisturize your skin, brush (and floss!) your teeth, and take a shower every day. The ladies will be calling you “Fresh” for a reason – this tip almost instantly changes the way women will view you, and it couldn’t be easier to take a few minutes each day for personal grooming.

2. Make Her Say “He’s Got Style”

Style is important. Dress in a respectable manner. Try wearing clean, simple styles that will show you have style and taste. It doesn’t matter what brand of clothes you wear as long as your outfit looks nice, and your clothes are clean and well kept. If you have a little trouble at the fashion mall, ask a fashion savvy friend to take you along and pick you a new wardrobe. The ladies will be gleaming when they see how hot you look in that new flannel and how pressed your jeans look with those boots.

3. Sweat It Out!

Time at the gym, on your bike, or hiking can translate to better physical appearance, and allow you to stay trim and sexy to keep your confidence around the women. Exercise can be a good way for you to get out of the house and expend some negative energy, a good way to maintain a healthy weight, and not to mention she’ll be saying, “Look at those Abs!”

4. Play It Out Beforehand

Sometimes it may be helpful to practice the conversations you’ll be having with her in front of a mirror or with a trusted friend. Hearing yourself saying the words you want to say will solidify your confidence in your mind. She is going to think you’re just always that smooth.

5. What You Don’t Say Is Just As Important

Non-verbal communication cues are huge in every interaction we make as humans. Make sure you check yourself on how your body language is looking to others. Sit straight up, smile and keep good eye contact with her. She will see your confidence and know you aren’t afraid to show up and be yourself.

6. See The Good in Yourself

If you want your self-esteem to radiate outward, you must radiate it inward first. Start telling yourself all of the things that you love about yourself, until it feels really good. Then repeat, and repeat. You may find yourself naturally not being freaked anymore when that hot mama walks by your cubicle.

7. Take Risks

There’s no such thing as being comfortable when you’re growing as a human soul, and becoming more confident. Do things you wouldn’t normally do – actually tell her hi. Realize that reality is always kinder than what we like to think in our heads about it. Talk to people you wouldn’t normally talk to, buy her a drink, just do something you wouldn’t normally do to boost your inner dialogue from “I can’t.” to “I can.”

Now that you know a few things you can do to transform your relationship with yourself and women, you can confidently know that you are now doing something to help the situation. You got this!

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