Client Who Farted In An Uber Car Has Been Charged With Assault, Driver’s Life Spirals Down Afterwards

A man has been charged with assault after breaking wind in an Uber and then attacking the driver.

  • 35-year-old James Mallett broke wind in the back of an Uber in Bristol.
  • The driver, Aleksander Bonchev, had protested and asked the man to leave.
  • Mallett had then punched Bonchev and asked him to fight.
  • While Mallett has been charged with assault, Bonchev has been forced to return to Bulgaria. 

Uber driver Aleksander Bonchev was assaulted by James Mallett.

When the incident occurred, Bonchev had been driving Mallett to Chasers night club in Kingswood. Finding his drunken behavior offensive, Bonchev had protested and asked the man to leave the vehicle. Drunk and irritated, the passenger had protested back, challenged the driver to a fight, and then struck him in the head. To defend himself, Bonchev had struck back, punching Mallett in the face and knocking him to the ground. Following this, Mallett’s friend had convinced him to leave; however, he was soon encountered by the police.

Mallett pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual harm.

On November 30, Mallett had admitted to assault occasioning actual harm. According to Bristol Live, ‘the recorder Miss Alexia Power handed him a six months jail term, suspended for 18 months, and ordered him to pay £500 compensation and do 120 hours’ unpaid work.’ Speaking to Mallett, Miss Alexia Power had explained:

Mr Bonchev sustained a broken finger, he was unable to work, lost his job with Uber, lost his accommodation and lost his car. All because he was doing his job that evening.

Bonchev was forced to return to Bulgaria.

Following his experience with Mallett, Bonchev had no other choice but to return to his native country. That is, he had lost his job, his car, and even his house. Homeless and with nowhere else to go, Bonchev had to return to his home country.

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