Cheating Is More Than Just Having Sex With Others, Here’s Why

Cheating on your other half involves much more than being physically intimate with another person (although this can be said to be the worst case scenario).

We all know the feeling when our inner voice tells us that what we’re engaged in is morally wrong, whether it be something punishable by law, such as theft, or a seemingly harmless activity, such as withholding information about your true feelings from your partner.

Despite being aware of their wrongdoings many people cheat on their partners under the pretense that they’re doing nothing wrong: “After all, I haven’t slept with anyone…yet.”

The Oxford Dictionary defines cheating as acting dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, gaining an advantage over or depriving of something by using unfair or deceitful methods; defraud, being sexually unfaithful, avoiding (something undesirable) by luck or skill.

Here we’ll have a look at some of the most common ways you can cheat without getting physical.

You flirt online and offline

Whether you easily get flirtatious with others at parties or you secretly sustain an online relationship with a potential ‘plan B’ (should things go wrong with your current partner), this falls under the category of cheating.

You made a binding commitment to your partner the moment you began your relationship. Having the courage to express your true feeling to her or him will make it easier for both of you. Don’t waste each other’s precious time by indulging in anonymous schmoozing.

You complain about your partner to others

While it is true that we talk about our relationships with friends and family on occasion, exclusively confiding in someone else about your partner is a concerning sign.

Communicating with your partner about your relationship is important, and if you find yourself talking to others about things only she/he should hear, you could be emotionally cheating.

You won’t delete your dating profile

In a recent study conducted by smartphone giant HTC, it was revealed that nearly a quarter of Britons keep their dating profiles after starting a new relationship.

Regardless of how far it is taken, using dating apps to talk to potential partners while being in a relationship is cheating.

You fantasize of other lovers

We don’t mean thinking about a celebrity or occasionally dreaming about having sex with someone.

But if you constantly dream or imagine other sexual partners other than your spouse, this could lead to a true sexual or emotional affair due to a disconnection from her or him.

Should you face an issue like this it’s always good to talk to your spouse about your sexual fantasies and search for ways to improve your sexual lives, before it’s too late.

You pretend that you’re single

This one might seem obvious. If you consistently pretend you’re single when going out, you’re cheating. Of course, you don’t need to announce to everyone that you’re unavailable, but your actions shouldn’t suggest the opposite.

When people think you’re available they will start making advances, and over a period of time, you’ll start to give in, especially if you see them over and over again. This, of course, can lead to the worst form of cheating…

If you engage in flirtatious conversations with others and act like you’re on the market, you’re lying to both them and yourself.

“The more people rationalize cheating, the more it becomes a culture of dishonesty. And that can become a vicious, downward cycle. Because suddenly, if everyone else is cheating, you feel a need to cheat, too.”

– Stephen Covey

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