Cheating Is A Relationship Killer, But Here Are 6 Things That Are Even Worse

Being the victim of cheating is one of the most painful things you can experience.

But there are a number of other things that are just a soul-crushing and can be the cause of separation or a life filled with misery and unhappiness.

And here are 6 of them:

1. Withholding affection

When you share a life with someone, the most important thing is to feel cared for and loved. However, when your partner does not give you the love and affection you deserve, you start feeling as if you messed up somewhere along the way. Furthermore, the neverending thoughts of what has happened can drive you insane.

2. Constant lies

Lies are nothing but nails in the coffin of a relationship. No matter how small they may be, lies can completely destroy a loving relationship. Lies only bring pain and resentment which makes it incredibly difficult for a relationship to heal.

3. Being underappreciated 

Nobody wants to be in a one-sided relationship, especially if they are not being appreciated. If one of the people in a relationship is being taken for granted, there is no way it can survive in the long run. This will emotionally crush a person, making them feel alone and unloved.

4. Extreme jealousy

Although a certain amount of jealousy is normal for any relationship, extreme jealousy can create an obstacle that is hard to deal with. When there is too much jealousy in a relationship both partners are left feeling miserable and deeply insecure.

5. Communication issues

Two people in a healthy relationship should feel at ease to share everything with each other. Good communication is crucial when it comes to building a shared life. You should be able to rely on each other and talk about ways to solve your problems that satisfy both parties. When communication is in trouble, so will be your relationship.

6. Staying together for the wrong reasons

By keeping a rotting relationship alive you are in effect creating the perfect circumstances for an unhappy future. Staying with someone you don’t love is a bad decision that will eventually hurt not only you but also your partner. It may be hard to get used to but being single for a while is better than being miserable as a couple.

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