Early Signs to detect that You are Dating a Cheater

Are you dating someone and still trying to understand him? You are having fun with him and enjoying a secure connection. But you are not 100% satisfied with this relation. Sometimes, you started noticing something fishy in your guy. Maybe his casual flirting can make you insecure about your relationship. Remember, you can’t ignore these signs because you may be in bed with serial cheater.

If you are having some doubts, it is better to clear these doubts instead of dating a lying, cheating, and disloyal person. Here are some early signs to identify a serial cheater.

He is Getting Distant Slowly

You are accustomed to talking and sharing jokes with your date. In numerous cases, you want to spend time together and cuddling up close. Unfortunately, they seem physically and emotionally distant. They are not interested in snuggling up together. They often become annoyed and started ignoring you.

This situation will make you feel cold and lonely. You may wonder if you did anything wrong. Unfortunately, it is not you, but your partner is deceiving you.

Excuses for Updating their Relationship Status

Nowadays, social media is overpowering everything. You can easily find out about the personal life of an individual online. If your guy is not ready to update his relationship status online, you have to find out a reason behind it. He must have some wrong intentions for hiding his relationship with you from online followers and friends.

Remember, players want to remain available and single while enjoying the advantages of a committed partner. You must not allow someone to do this with you. Try to convince him to update his online status. He can’t convince you that you are becoming too insecure and sensitive to reveal your relationship in front of the public.

Consistently Changing Stories

A cheater and liar can be recognized with his lies. He will always lie about his relationship and eventually forget the story he told you in the past. If his stories stop aligning, he will contradict himself with different facts and stories. Sometimes, your partner asks about stories he told you in the past to check out facts. Remember, it can be a warning sign, so reconsider your relationship.

Phone is Off

You may notice their phone consistently off. They will tell you that they are doing this to save their privacy. You will notice inactive electronic devices, such as tablets, computers, laptops, and phones. If you are in a committed relation, you must not be upset or nervous if he is using or looking at your phone. This situation should be the same for both partners.

Partners must feel comfortable with each other while using their phones. If he is not suitable for talking to his friends in front of you, it can be a red flag. Sometimes, he will speak to another girl while deceiving you. In a committed relationship, you are not allowed to keep things private from each other.

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