Britney Spears wants her father Jamie removed as conservator

Jamie Spears has been Britney’s conservator since her breakdown in 2008. 

A conservatorship is a legal concept whereby a conservator is appointed to take care of the financial affairs of someone on account of their mental or physical limitations. In the case of Britney Spears, her father Jamie was appointed as conservator of her estate and finances following her breakdown 12 years ago in 2008. Now, Britney wants Jamie removed as her permanent conservator.

Britney and Jamie Spears (Source: Daily Mail)

TMZ has reported that the pop star wants Jodi Montgomery to take over instead.

Jodi Montgomery has been Britney’s temporary conservator for almost a year and now, she wants her to take on the role permanently. The star’s court-appointed attorney has filed court documents which reflect these wishes. In addition, TMZ claims that Britney does not want Jamie to be the only one handling her estate (as he has been managing it exclusively since 2019). Britney is said to prefer a “qualified corporate fiduciary” instead, however it is unclear whether or not this will be alongside her father or if she does not want Jamie as a co-conservator at all.

Britney Spears no longer wants to perform. 

According to Daily Mail, Britney’s attorney Samuel Ingham has stated: “We are now at a point where the conservatorship must be changed substantially in order to reflect the major changes in her current lifestyle and her stated wishes“. The pop star has not performed live since October 2018 and does not wish to continue performing.

This request comes after the #FreeBritney and Free Britney Movement took over social media.

Daily Mail reported that recently, Britney’s fans – and even some celebrities – believed a conspiracy theory that the star was being abused and “held hostage by her caretakers”. As a result, they’ve been signing petitions and even protesting in hopes of having the star’s conservatorship removed.

The next case hearing on the matter was scheduled for Wednesday.

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