Bride rages wedding dress looks ‘nothing like order’ before realising embarrassing mistake

After having her wedding dress delivered, this woman complained about the product she received.

  • The woman took pictures of her dress and sent them to the company.
  • Customer service responded saying that the woman had made a mistake.
  • Their email read “You put the dress on inside out, please put it on the right way.

The soon-to-be bride complained that the wedding dress she received looked “nothing like” the one she bought.

Many people have ordered things online and been disappointed with the product that gets delivered. Similarly, when one woman ordered a wedding dress for her big day, she thought she had been scammed when she saw what turned up in the mail. Angry and frustrated, she took pictures of the wedding dress and sent them to the company from which she bought the gown. According to the Mirror, she quickly received a response to her email and customer service had explained: “Hi, you put the dress on inside out, please put it on the right way.”

The dress that the bride had bought (Mirror/Facebook)
Source: Mirror/Facebook

The woman shared her embarrassing story on Facebook.

After customer service responded to her complaint, the woman could not help but laugh at herself and her embarrassing moment. Naturally, she decided to share her awkward experience on Facebook as she wrote: “Two weeks ago my wedding dress came in. I was really upset about the looks of it and sent an angry email to the company wanting to return it. I took pictures of me in the dress telling them it looked nothing like what I had ordered. Well, today I received this response from the company ‘you put the dress on inside out, please put it on the right way’. Who knew that they shipped wedding dresses inside out? …the dress actually turned out beautiful. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much school we put behind us….we’re still going to lack common sense , like how to put clothes on properly.”

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