The bodies in the past 30 years have not been decomposing. See why and what's the problem with it…

Doctors and undertakers in Germany and Switzerland are becoming very concerned with what is happening to dead bodies from the last 30 years. It’s not so much what IS happening to the bodies, but what is NOT happening.

At a scientific conference in Düesseldorf, Dr. Werner Stolz presented a pretty shocking report. According to Dr. Stolz bodies that have been buried in the last 20-30 years that are being exhumed are not decomposing. He referenced 32 cases where a body that was buried for more than 20 years has been exhumed and looked like they had only been in the ground for a couple of weeks at the most.

According to Walter Muller, an undertaker in Berlin, “Bodies that were put into the ground 30 years ago look like they went in last week. It’s like they’ve been pickled in preservatives and there is no explanation for it.”

So why have the dead quit decaying? There are 3 main theories:


One hypothesis is that because of the presence of so much pollution in the air and water, certain bacteria in the soil responsible for aiding in the decomposition process are in much lower concentrations than they used to be. I mean, when you think about it: if pollution is so bad that bacteria can’t even exist, it might be time to pay attention to the environment.


Another theory is that strong anti-aging cosmetics could be to blame. Believe it or not, all those cosmetics can create enough of a chemical build-up in your body that they continue to preserve your body even after you are dead. Imagine what those chemicals are doing to you while you are alive.


The most commonly accepted theory stems from the massive amounts of preservatives that we are exposed to throughout our lifetimes. From fast food to canned foods, preservatives are in as much as 70% of the foods we eat. Most scientists agree, that diet is becoming the root of the issue for most health problems while we are alive, and now it is a concern even after we are dead. If a chemical is so prolific in our bodies that it prevents something as simple as decaying, again, I challenge you to think about what it is doing to your body while you are alive.

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