Why your outspoken and blunt friends are your truest and most real friends

5 reasons why you should cherish them

We all have that one friend who is outspoken and blunt, and in today’s world they are quite hard to come by, especially when many people are self-centered and narcissistic.

In a sea of selfish, self-driven friends your blunt and outspoken friend is the most real friend you will ever have.

In today’s society, everyone is either living to please others or living to please themselves. It’s very rare to find a friend who sits perfectly in the middle.

The truth is, the outspoken and blunt people of this world are the most real people you will meet.

They have no shame in speaking their mind and if need be, calling you out on your bullsh*t. They do it in the name of self-realization because, without these people how would we ever be aware of our bullsh*t?, especially when other people are too afraid to speak up.

Sure, their realness and blunt way of saying things can sometimes embarrass or even offend us with their truthfulness, and this sometimes makes us question our friendship with them but honestly, would you rather have a friend who speaks their mind about matters that concerns you behind your back, or would you rather have a friend who says it to your face?

I have two of the most outspoken best friends and every day I am thankful for their friendship.

Without them, I would never have realized half my bullsh*t and because of them, I am a better person. They have proven to be the most loyal and trustworthy friends I have ever had, l literally can’t imagine life without them.

Below are 5 reasons why I believe these kind people are true gems and should never be discarded:

1. They will never try and please you with a lie

Ask them a question and they will give you the God’s honest truth. ‘Yes, you look fat in that skirt’ or ‘No, he’s not the one for you.’ They see no reason in sugar coating things that are really obvious. They will tell you exactly what they know you need to hear as a friend, always with your best interest at heart, ofcourse. Sometimes hearing the truth hurts, especially when they say it sarcastically or so bluntly it feels like you’ve been hacked at with a blunt knife, but know that they always have your best interest at heart and most of the time, you end up realizing that they were right the entire time!

2. They’re not afraid to speak their mind

They will speak what’s on their mind wherever and to whomever, there’s no doubt about what kind of people they are or what kind of personalities they have because they hide nothing, whatever they’re thinking, they say. They don’t sugar coat things or hold their tongue for the sake of others, they believe that calling people out on things or speaking and voicing emotions are important and that’s why they always speak their mind.

3. They will never backstab you

The beautiful thing about this kind of friends is that they are the most real kind of people. Firstly, they have no time for bullsh*t, in any form, so when it comes to being friends with someone, that’s exactly what they’re going to be. Backstabbing, manipulation, and gossip are things children do, they consider it a waste of time if they didn’t want to be your friend they would just tell you to your face.

4. Being with them is always a fun and interesting time

Going out with them is always fun, interesting and eventful. They ward off creeps at a bar simply by being themselves and give it in full force to those who are being obnoxious and cocky. Their honesty, loyalty, and pure-heartedness make them a joy to be around and if things ever get boring, trust them to brighten the mood with a witty yet truthful comment.

5. Their friendship is friendship in its purest form

They teach you the true meaning of friendship, how to honor boundaries and keep to promises because they will be the first one to tell you when you have disrespected them and their boundaries. They take you out of your comfort zone so that you can see life differently, and grow. They are also the first to tell you when you are being disrespected and are always there to council and lend an ear or a shoulder when times get tough.

Being true to yourself, honoring your emotions and thoughts and being verbal about them is often frowned upon in today’s society because people hate hearing the truth, especially when it’s about themselves. However, without these people in our lives, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to see ourselves, others and life in different perspectives.

Cherish your blunt and outspoken friends for they are the most real ones you have.

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