Beta Males: Who they are and why women fall for them

We have all heard of the Alpha male – the person who not only stands out from the crowd but leads it.

But what do we know about the Beta male? 

The Alpha male is usually the one at the top of the social status hierarchy. He is attractive, confident, independent, assertive, and well-educated. He has the power to guide those around him to a direction of his choice, as his charms and intelligence are usually enough for them to consider him trustworthy. Many would say he is a “real man.”

However, the Alpha male may also show negative traits, such as disturbing levels of aggressiveness, proneness to dominance, recklessness, and even narcissism.

On the other hand, Beta males are considered the “nice guys.” They are often undermined, with people treating them as unreliable, insecure, fragile beings, only because they don’t express themselves as vividly as their Alpha mates. Indeed, some Betas do show signs of uncertainty, indecisiveness, and lack of self-assurance. However, Beta males also have an admiring set of positive traits.

For instance, they are known for having heartfelt respect for others in their circle, especially their romantic partners. They are also incredibly empathetic, kind, and accepting. Having a Beta male as a significant other means being with someone who loves you just as you are. Moreover, they are not afraid to show their emotional side, which is something most women appreciate deeply.

So, what makes Beta males so irresistible?

Here are 7 reasons why women are falling for Beta males:

1. Beta males are not afraid of commitment

Sadly, far too many relationships end because one of the partners is terrified of commitment. Well, the good news is that Beta males don’t find mutual devotion so harrowing. In fact, they find the idea of spending your entire life with your loved one fascinating. What’s more, they are looking forward to meeting that special someone, while others are too immature to appreciate the overwhelming benefits of a committed relationship.

2. They are confident in their own way. 

Confidence isn’t always loud. Sometimes the way a person carries themselves, even without saying a word, says a lot about their personality. Beta males are just as confident as Alphas. They simply choose to keep it to themselves. Meanwhile, men who consider themselves superior may be much more insecure than they appear. So, as they say, never judge a book by its cover, and never judge a Beta male by his quietness. There is always more than meets the eye.

3. Beta males can express their emotions openly. 

For many women, there is nothing sexier than a man who is not scared to be emotional. Who said that men are not allowed to cry, be afraid, or feel vulnerable? While males are naturally stronger than females, they are prone to experiencing the very same emotions. Beta males are perfectly aware of that, and they don’t feel ashamed of their emotional side.

4. They are truly interested in their partners.

Validation is something Alpha males need to feel complete. To achieve it, most of them are excessively self-focused, as they are convinced they must excel at every single area of their life to be relevant. This behavior usually applies to Alphas with narcissistic personalities. Contrarily, Beta males are as interested in themselves, as they are in their partners. They care about their other halves, and they don’t allow their ego to stand in the way of what truly matters. Interestingly, they may even neglect their own happiness to make their loved ones happy.

5. Beta males are not selfish(even in bed). 

Men with Beta traits love seeing their partner satisfied, both emotionally and intimately. If your significant other is a Beta male, he certainly puts effort into making you feel content and happy in your relationship. He knows how you like your coffee, what’s your favorite comfort food, which song makes you feel as if you have the moves like Jagger, which movie makes you cry every time you watch it, and all the other little things that mean so much to you. That’s how invested he is in you.

6. They are not controlling. 

Beta males don’t feel the need to control their partners. Instead, a Beta would give you the liberty to express yourself, to explore the world, to simply be you. Suchlike men know how valuable freedom is for a woman, so they would never do anything to take it away.

7. Beta males are the real heroes.

The knight in shining armor is not the one who fights the dragon for glory but the one who stops at nothing to save his princess. He fights the beast just as fiercely, but his motivation is much more sincere. So, in a way, Beta males are the real heroes of the story. They care much more about protecting you and making you feel safe in their arms than being admired for their valor.

What are your thoughts on Beta males? Do you think they are underestimated, or do you agree with the notion that every man should strive to be an Alpha? Let us know in the comment section!

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