8 Things You Never Thanked Your Best Friend For, But Meant To

best friends

In our lives, we may have many acquaintances, but we only typically have one person that we consider our BEST friend.

As we get older and our lives get more hectic, we tend to lose those connections to our besties. In reality, as we grow older, we need to be strengthening those bonds – not neglecting them.

If you don’t believe me, see how many of these things your best friend deserves a little appreciation for:

1. Dealing with Your Relationships

Your best friend has dealt with just as many of your trainwreck relationships as you have. Every time you date a jerk or you get cheated on, who is the shoulder that you look for to cry on? Every time you needed advice, or just a person to vent to, who did you turn to? Your best friends are always the ones that pick you up, steer you in the right direction, and take your side.

2. Taking You back after You’ve Wandered

As we grow up and move forward in our lives, we often times lose that connection to our best friends that at one point seemed irreplaceable. Whether it is going off to different colleges or moving to different cities to work jobs, your best friend is never more than a phone call away. Even after months or years of not talking to each other, that bond is not one that is reliant on proximity – it is reliant on love.

3. Letting you Borrow Just About Anything.

Your best friend will give you the shirt off of their back, quite literally. Sure, it is implied that they will get it back at some point, but it is not a mandate. Your best friend will also give you a nickel out of their last dime just to make sure you are okay. That’s just what friends do.

4. Letting You Be You

We all go through phases in our lives, and some are more questionable than others. Your best friend know who you are even as you try to figure that out. Maybe you went through a goth phase after your country phase didn’t work out? Your best friend knows that under all that eyeliner, you are still the person you’ve always been.

5. Backing You Up

No matter what situation you seem to find yourself in, your best friend is on your team. Maybe it is something as simple as telling your parents, “yes -we were studying all night”, or something as complicated as explaining shenanigans to a law enforcement officer, either way – your best friend is there to back you up.

6. Joining You Instead of Judging You

Maybe you’ve had a rough day and want nothing more than to binge on ice cream, bacon, and anything with carbs. Your best friend isn’t going to remind you of your caloric responsibilities to your waistline. Your best friend is going to ask you what flavor ice cream you want and join you.

7. Holding off on “I Told You So”

One of the truest aspects of a best friend is the total lack of the statement “I told you so.” Your best friend understands that the “I told you so” comment should be reserved for parents, guardians, and supervisors. Your best friend will just pat you on the back and reassure you that you did the right thing…especially when you didn’t.

8. Setting You Straight

No one in your life will set you straight quite like a best friend. Tough love is sometimes the best medicine for whatever ails your life, and no one knows when to break out that tough love quite like a best friend. Timing is important when it comes to dispensing harsh realities, but your bestie knows exactly how to do it with grace while still being effective.

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