Being single is better than fighting for the wrong relationship

Fighting for something that is not meant to be is exhausting.

Have you ever fought to save a relationship that could not be saved? More often than not, people fight even though they know that the relationship is slowly dying. The truth is that when a relationship is not meant to be, there is nothing anyone can do to save it. Some people choose to stay and be unhappy because they are afraid of being alone. Others lie to themselves and pretend that things will get better – even when, deep down, they know that they cannot. Sooner or later, you will have to accept that there is no point in watering a dead plant.

Being in a relationship does not mean being happy.

Society, books, and films portray single life as one that is empty, unfulfilling and depressing. They depict being in a relationship as the only way to be happy and the one goal that everyone should have. This influences people, making them think that being single must mean being unhappy and that being in a relationship means being happy. This, of course, is wrong.

Sometimes, it is better to be single.

Many understand why one should leave a relationship if their partner is abusive or toxic. However, few understand why you need to leave when you know your partner is just not ‘the one’. Dating someone who is not right for you is unfair to both you and your partner. This is because you deserve someone who will be exactly what you need and your partner deserves someone who will not try to change them.

Your happiness should never come second.

While it is true that all relationships face difficult times, there is no use in trying to convince yourself that months (or even years) of unhappiness are just a ‘rough patch’. More importantly, there is no use in pretending to be happy. Just like everybody else, you deserve to feel loved, cherished, and appreciated. If your relationship or your partner has stopped making you feel this way, it is time to let go. Even if it may be difficult, there is nothing more important than your happiness.

Being single allows you to find yourself and understand what you need.

When we are alone, we have more time to think about what we want in life. We understand who we are, what we need, and what we want to achieve. More importantly, we understand what makes us happy. Although it may take time to get used to being on your own, it will eventually make you feel independent, self-sufficient and whole. It is only when we feel whole and happy on our own that we will be able to find the right person.

Your happiness is always in your hands.

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