Being a parent is about loving and supporting your children, not controlling them

c is about giving your children every bit of love and support they need, not controlling them.

It is about considering your children’s needs, not ignoring or dismissing them as irrelevant. It is about working for your connection to become deeper and more loving, rather than controlling them and disregarding their interests and desires.

Being a parent is not about being bossy. It is not about what you can make them do by shouting at them and ordering them around. Rather, it’s about an honest, deep emotional connection. It is about a need to comfort and be there for each other while sharing the good moments together.

Being a parent is about showing your child the right way to be good and succeed while encouraging them to be self-aware and acknowledge their mistakes.

It is also about having the patience to accept each other’s imperfections and weaknesses.

But of course, that does not in any way mean that you should let your child get out of control. it does not mean that they are allowed to selectively decide what rules they will follow or disregard. It simply means that you have a certain set of expectations on how your child should behave and in what ways they can vent their frustrations without causing harm to others. You also must be willing to listen to them attentively and be able to give them proper advice on how to deal with difficult situations.

It is not your job to control your child’s every move.

The onus is on you to be aware of their needs and temperament. But it isn’t your job to try and make your child fit your own expectations of what you want them to become. Your job is to have an understanding of your child’s ambitions and interests and let them evolve into autonomous human beings. Your job is to support them in finding themselves and developing their own skills and talents while being aware of their own limitations.

Being a parent is about knowing when it’s the right time to teach and when you should let your child handle complicated situations on his or her own.

And last but not least, being a parent is about understanding what makes you and your child different and treating them the way they deserve t be treated in each situation.

Do you consider yourself a good parent?

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