Being ‘as boring as possible’ is key to a successful long-term relationship

Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if there was a manual on how to maintain a passionate, healthy relationship?

If there is one, and you know about it, please share it in the comments.

In most cases, when the honeymoon is over, and the passion is nowhere to be found, it is time for the “boring” period.

The period when the exciting date-nights turn into mundane movie marathons. Perhaps this doesn’t sound pleasing for some, but it turns out that it’s quite beneficial.

Instead of monotonous, think about this period as cozy and comfortable. Not all couples need to have the most glamorous dates to feel loved and be happy. Sometimes, all you need is the comfort of your own home.

So snuggle up with your baby, and binge-watch the last season of your favorite show. Your relationship depends on it.

According to Mark Manson, the author of the revolutionary book “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck”, being “as boring as possible” is actually the key to a successful and long relationship. In fact, he shares an interesting point of view with Business Insider:

“I think, if you look at a relationship, I actually think it should be as boring as possible.”

Manson believes that, for instance, a really happy 80-year-old couple that’s been together for 60 years, is happy not because they had an eventful, exciting life.

They are happy because they “were able to be boring together”.

“They are able to spend year after year, sitting around the house, talking about the same boring stuff, watching TV, watching movies, cooking dinner, and it went fine.”

Opposingly of the way society develops these days, the author reckons that social media puts a lot of pressure on romantic couples. As they try extremely hard to maintain an interesting life online, in reality, they tend to neglect each other. In addition to his opinion about social media, he says that “what makes you an interesting and complex person, makes you a really horrible person to be with romantically”.

What’s more, Manson genuinely advocates the need of boredom in our lives.

He shares that embracing our mundane personalities should be considered as a good thing. Especially when it comes to romantic relationships.

“I feel like we need to cultivate more boredom in our lives, like boredom needs to be okay again.”

So, who’s up for a takeaway pizza and a movie marathon with bae this Friday night?

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