Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back

A woman alone can be undeniably powerful enough to achieve anything she wants.

But when women unite their powers, they become fiercely unstoppable.

We live in a highly challenging world, where being competitive is an essential social skill we all need to learn one way or another. However, this competition has nothing on the power of collaboration. When women join forces, they truly move the world and change the whole equation.

To begin with, there is something we might need to clear up. There is a misleading stereotype that usually women don’t support other women. For instance, take the iconic movie “Mean Girls” from 2004. From such a young age, society is forcing women to compete with one another. There is an intense sense of social aggression amongst these girls.

They are considered as manipulative, back-stabbing, gossiping individuals who are living in a constantly ongoing war.

However, the moral of the story is that being a mean girl and dimming others’ light so you can shine does nothing good. That’s where we put the emphasis on the power of the pack. When women support each other and root for one another, they are capable of incredible things.

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”

– Helen Keller

Moreover, countless examples are proving that women who encourage one another and work side by side are much more successful businesslike.

For example, a Harvard Business Review research suggests that although both men and women work well in social networks, women tend to be more prosperous when they have an inner circle of close females who support them.

In terms of taking leading positions, women are more likely to rise up into leadership, when they have a pack that has their back. Even though we live in the 21st century, women are still facing cultural barriers in the business world.

That’s why a lady needs her pack to support her and remind her that she deserves to succeed.

Luckily, nowadays, many more women are confident enough to face all these challenges and enter the enterprise world. This gives them the opportunity to establish connections with one another and form strong bonds that benefit their personal development. They are connected by similar backgrounds, related interests, and experiencing akin hurdles in their field. That’s why the circles they create are often unbreakable.

Creating bonds based on mutual goals at your workplace definitely paves the road to your personal successful performance.

There is no secret that people work best when they are surrounded by co-workers they feel comfortable around. Besides, some of the significant connections you establish might last for a lifetime. That’s something worth prioritizing social networking for. Building strong, trustworthy circles is what makes women truly powerful. Helping one another throughout their struggles and encouraging each other to thrive elevates them all.

There is something called “The Shine Theory” which is is a practice of mutual investment in each other. Basically, it’s about women building other women up. Of course, it goes for men too. The Shine Theory asks the question: “Would we be better as collaborators than as competitors?” And the answer is almost always positive. It’s all about recognizing each others’ worth and elevating one another.

So, instead of wasting energy into pointless, draining competitions and mean cattiness, women should focus on lifting each other up. Find your pack and stick to them. Surround yourself with women you can grow with. There is immense power in a group of women who support, encourage, and inspire one another.

It’s absolutely amazing to be a part of a squad where everyone wants to see you succeed.

The vibe such group beams is tremendously uplifting.

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