Be with someone who chooses YOU every single day. You deserve it.

Is it real love, if you cannot tell whether your partner actually wants to be with you, or they see you as a temporary catch? And is it truly worth it, if your loved one isn’t prioritizing your needs and neglects your feelings?

The truth is no one deserves a vague ‘maybe’ kind of love.

You are not born to be someone’s second choice. If you and your partner aren’t crazy about each other, and you’re not at all sure of your feelings about one another, getting involved in a relationship could be utterly catastrophic. Not only you’re wasting your time, but you’re also blocking the way of true love.

Being romantically involved with someone whose intentions are unclear could be emotionally damaging. Even though in the early stages of dating everything feels like a dream, it often takes a while to see someone’s true colors. Unfortunately, many people are making it extremely hard to tell whether they ate being authentic, or too darn good at playing with your feelings.

However, there are signs that can help you recognize someone’s actual intentions towards you and your relationship. For instance, if you’re unsure whether your partner wants to be by your side in the long run, try to find out how they feel about real commitment. If they send you a trivial ‘wyd’ text at 3 a.m. and the next day they don’t return your calls, if they avoid meeting your family, although you’ve been together for a while now, or if you’re always the one who has to text or call, so you can actually see each other, they might not be as devoted to your relationship as you are.

Sure, they may say the sweetest things when you’re together, and they may have an unreal charm, but this doesn’t mean they are allowed to treat you as an option.

In a loving relationship, none of the partners feels undervalued.

Instead, they feel appreciated, loved, cherished, and respected. They become each other’s top priorities. They encourage each other to be their best selves, and they learn how to grow together.

But if your significant other makes you doubt your place in their life and lets you believe you’re never enough, they are most probably not the right one for you.

You deserve to be someone’s first choice. Even more, you deserve to be treated with decency and respect.

Although you may have infinite patience, you don’t have to put up with being treated as if you’re not worth the effort. Because you are! You are worth going the extra mile, don’t you ever forget that.

Tolerating someone’s doubtfulness towards you is absolutely unacceptable. When it comes to love, there is no place for hesitation. Just think about how much time you’ve lost trying to prove yourself to the wrong people. You could have spent this time searching for the one who would accept you just as you are.

No, these people are not only found in fairytales and romantic movies. They are real. One day, you will meet someone who would remind you how amazing you are. This someone will treat you as if you are the center of their universe. They will help you erase all the bad memories from previous relationships, and will teach you the significance of loving yourself first. Moreover, they will never make you doubt their feelings for you, as they will always be genuine from the very start. Because that’s exactly the treatment your kind soul deserves.

One last thing: Don’t settle for less, and don’t lower your standards for anyone.

No one has the right to treat you as a second-best, as one of the many, or as an option. You are a unique human being, and you are worthy of love. Never forget that!

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