Baby Pygmy Hippo Learning to Swim is Almost Too Cute to Watch

baby hippo learns to swim

With all of the tragic news surrounding animals in the news these days, it is hard not to browse your news feed, and not see something atrocious involving animals.

Between Cecil’s murder by an asshole dentist, the owner of Jimmy John’s killing anything on 4 legs, and the general brutality that some human beings direct at animals every day – I am reminded of why I like dogs more than I like most people.
So, instead of focusing on that, I want you to watch something involving animals that is beautiful. Back in early June, at the Melbourne Zoo in Australia, Obi was born. Obi is a pygmy hippopotamus, and despite the seemingly obvious Star Wars reference – his name actually means “heart” in the Igbo language from Nigeria. Obi is the first pygmy hippo calf to be born in the zoo in the last 24 years, so he is pretty popular to say the least.

The following video from Zoos Vitoria shows Obi venturing into the big pool for the first time (with some gentle encouragement from his 550 pound mother). I am warning you now: this is almost too much cuteness…

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