Attention DADS! Pedal Powered Forklift For Kids That Actually Picks Stuff Up IS A THING

When they see a forklift, many children stop and stare.

We do not know where the fascination for these machines comes from but children often seem amazed when they see a forklift in action. What if, this Christmas, you could give your child this feeling by gifting them a pedal-powered forklift designed for kids? Your child would be able to operate the forklift and feel as though they are using a real machine as, in addition to resembling a real forklift, it can also pick things up. To make it even more realistic, the children’s forklift has been modeled after a real Linde Lime Tree Series 394 forklift.

The forklift comes with a wooden palette used for lifting and lowering objects.

Your child can place objects onto the wooden palette and then fit the forks into it to lift it up. Alongside being able to move back and forth and lift objects up and down, the children’s forklift comes with a steering wheel and a working honk. In other words, it is fully equipped with everything your child needs in order to feel as though they are experiencing the real thing. 

Who can use the product? 

According to the product description, the forklift is designed for children over the age of 3. Moreover, it is equipped with an adjustable seat so your child can continue to use it as they grow older and taller. The toy is easy to assemble and all the tools needed for its assembly come with its purchase. The dimensions of the forklift are listed as 132.08 x 55.88 x 106.68 cm (52 x 22 x 42 inches) and 18.7 kgs (44 pounds).

The children’s forklift can be found on Amazon here.

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