Armed bank robbers leave scattered cash on the road during getaway

Brazilian bank robbers left cash scattered across the streets after robbing a local bank in Criciúma, Santa Catarina. 

  • The robbers were armed with assault riffles and are believed to be specialised professionals.
  • They held at least six people hostage and shot two others. 
  • Mayor Clésio Salvaro: “I have no idea where they are from, but they are specialised.”

Dozens of armed robbers invaded Criciúma in the middle of the night as they launched an attack on a local bank.

Arriving in the city just before midnight, the armed robbers held the city of Criciúma hostage for approximately two hours. The New York Times reported that the gunmen ‘wore head coverings and body armor, and were armed with powerful rifles and loads of explosives’. Moreover, they allegedly used ‘people as human shields’ while they set off explosives at a local bank. The detonation of the explosives resulted in bills flying into the air and scattering onto the streets of Criciúma. In addition to this, according to the Daily Mail, the armed robbers held at least six locals hostage and shot two people, including a police officer.

In a tweet, Mayor Clésio Salvaro warned people to stay at home.

While the terrifying events were unfolding, the mayor wrote “Criciúma is the target of a major assault. Together with the military authorities and security forces, we continue to monitor and follow the facts. Stay at home. VERY CAREFUL!” In addition to this, the Daily Mail reported that Salvaro spoke to Radio Gaúcha and explained that three or four sites were robbed by the gunmen. Furthermore, he disclosed “I have no idea where they are from, but they are specialised. We have never experienced this in the history of the city”. Salvaro also assured the people of Criciúma that the six hostages were not harmed, “I talked to them. They are well. The information we have is that everyone was released”.

Anselmo Cruz, a police supervisor commented on the organized gang:

The criminals clearly planned, prepared and invested beforehand […] This points to a group that came from outside. We don’t have criminals with this profile in Santa Catarina.

Witnesses were left in a state of shock and panic. 

The New York Times wrote that Bruno Adriano Della had been woken up by gunfire in the middle of the night. The 20-year-old shared that the events which transpired reminded him of scenes from the Spanish crime drama Money Heist. “The whole city was in shock, and with gunshots everywhere. Nobody knew what to do. We were just praying that it would end,” Della explained.

Although the police has not disclosed how much money was stolen, they have reportedly recovered a part of the stolen amount. Furthermore, the Daily Mail claimed that four suspects have also been arrested.

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