Are Mindfulness Rooms The Detention Of The Future?

We all know how terrible school detention can be. However, it is debatable whether detention truly results in proper productive development in children.

Whether it be having to wait outside class or remain standing while your classmates are seated, this method of shaming always has negative effects. We must find new ways that can actually help children become better people without damaging their self-esteem.

The Robert W. Coleman School in Baltimore decided to take a bold step to change their “detention” method and it was a great success.

The school introduced a ‘Mindful Meditation Room’ back in February of 2016, Uproxx reported. Instead of punishing students, meditation was used to calm them so they can efficiently deal with their stress and anxiety – thereby disciplining their mental processes. 

This method was given a chance thanks to a beautiful partnership with the Holistic Life Foundation.

The school chose to break the shackles of tradition and it sure seemed like a risky move. But the question was – is it going to work?

As it turns out, it worked. The school saw its suspension rates lowered significantly. Some of the kids have even said that the program changed their lives for the better. For instance, if they were given a test, they would just start taking deep breaths. If it became too noisy, they would start meditating in order to tune out the sounds and become one with their inner selves.

The best part? It truly helped them rebuild their character.

One student remembered that in the middle of a fight with their parents, they were about to lose their temper when they reminded themselves of the breathing techniques. And after deeply breathing in and out – the anger was silenced.

Meditation might, in fact, be the best conflict resolution there is.

Here are some photographs of the students practicing meditation:

Photo: Holistic Life Foundation
Photo: Holistic Life Foundation
Photo: Holistic Life Foundation
Photo: Holistic Life Foundation
Photo: Holistic Life Foundation

If we take the necessary steps to change our detention system we can truly help students become good human beings in adulthood.

The Robert W. Coleman School has set a beautiful example for all of us. And we can only hope that others will follow in their footsteps.

Watch the report below to gain an inside look of the story.

What are your thoughts on swapping detention for meditation? Let us know in the comment section.

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