The amazing nap desk we all need in our lives to be more productive

We all know how good naps are, some might go as far as saying that naps are better than coffee.

Long nights and days lead to short sleeps and drowsy mornings. Most workplaces have espresso machines which have now become pillars of strength and energy for anyone who knows what it’s like to work yourself into zombie mode.

Coffee is best drank in the morning as to cut your morning fatigue in half and give you the much needed caffeine boost your body needs in order to function. However, when working a full 9 – 5 job many people don’t only drink it in the mornings, they drink it throughout the day because let’s face it, the caffeine high doesn’t last that long, that’s why naps are better and more sustainable!

Why is napping so necessary for busy people?

Studies have now proven that naps can restore energy and mental alertness more than long bouts of sleep. It also reverses the effects of sleep deprivation which in turn boosts the immune system. Luckily, taking daily naps have proven to have positive effects and there is no sign of any negative side effects which makes it something we should all incorporate into our daily schedule.

Unfortunately, most workplaces aren’t equipped with beds and sleeping rooms, and the nap in your arms or with your head on the desk technique is not only uncomfortable but also really bad for you and your posture, not to mention the neck cramps!

Image source: Studio NL

Nancy Leivaditou, a greek designer from Studio NL has recently designed a revolutionary must have in any office or home space! While working and studying in New York she experienced an alertness issue which is what many of us experience everyday in the office. So instead of struggling and not doing anything about it, she decided to design a multipurpose desk which features a built in tv (for when you want to take a non sleep break) and, wait for it… a built in bed, complete with a pillow and blanket! The great thing about this desk is that it’s perfect home home office spaces too.

The revolutionary, and sleek desk is 0.8m Wide x 2m Long and has been given the name, ‘Life Desk’

How is it used?

The upper layer of the desk (where one works) is made from a piece of lacquered wood which is very sturdy, the mattress is laid at the bottom of the desk and the side that you would rest your head is hinged and covered with plywood, which is adjustable so that it can be reclined if need be.

Over all the desk is sleek and easy to use. All you have to do is slide the top board away from you which allows you to push back the hinged mattress and bob’s your uncle, you have a bed!

NB* It’s wise to set an alarm so that you don’t oversleep!

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