7 Lesser Known Consequences of Sleep Deprivation:

7 Lesser Known Consequences of Sleep Deprivation:

Sleep deprivation is often an overlooked reason for many of our body’s mysterious symptoms.

Obviously, no person purposefully aims to miss sleep hours, but we often underestimate how much a lacking hour here and there over an extended period of time can affect our body. Most people know of the more common symptoms of sleep deprivation. We know it hinders your mental focus and we know we can feel fatigue. There is a long list of lesser known symptoms that most people are unaware of.

Be aware of these symptoms and see if you might suffer unknowingly from sleep deprivation.

1) It Can Make You Look Older

Poor sleepers have increased signs of skin aging and slower recovery from a variety of environmental stressors, such as disruption of the skin barrier or ultraviolet (UV) radiation. They also tend to have dull skin and an overall worse facial appearance. This increased aging is likely from reduced growth hormone and increased cortisol levels. Beauty sleep has acquired its title for a legit reason!

2) You Will Want More High-Calorie Snacks

After one sleepless night, the brain’s frontal lobe will develop impaired activity. The frontal lobe governs complex decision making. To add, the deeper brains center that responds to rewards will be increased. In other words, it is more likely for you to struggle with eating healthy which could deter your weight loss goals if you have any.

3) You And Your Spouse Will Fight More

Yes, I was surprised with this one too, but it is true! In multiple studies, scientists have learned that a lack of sleep can cause relationship issues. After a bad night’s sleep, a couple will more likely engage in unnecessary conflict. Keep in mind it can also begin the other way around – you might have sleeping problems due to arguing. Be cautious to not fall into this cycle. It is hard to break.

4) You Will Feel More Aches and Pains

A lack of sleep can impair your natural pain control mechanisms and exacerbate those nagging aches and pains. Sleep problems can even increase your risk of developing fibromyalgia. The opposite is also true – more sleep will reduce your pain sensitivity.

5) It Can Affect Your Dating Life

Chances are you have heard the term “Beer Goggles”. Sleep deprivation can produce something called “Insomnia Goggles”. Because missing sleep hours can affect your frontal lobe and your ability to process complex decision making, you might have poor judgement in romantic situations such as judging how much a person is into you. Is anyone else imagining a college frat guy with beer goggles and insomnia goggles? A recipe for very poor judgement.

6) Your Anxiety Will Worsen

After a few nights of improper sleep, your anticipatory anxiety could amplify by affecting regions associated with emotional processing. If your mood is low and your anxiety is high, consider the most natural antidepressant around – sleep therapy.

7) You Insulin Sensitivity Will Be Reduced

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh discovered that teens who normally get 6 hours of sleep per night can improve their insulin resistance by 9% with adding 1 extra hour of sleep. Reduce your risk of Type 2 Diabetes by catching some extra ZZZ’s.

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