All She Wants From You Is To Make Her Feel Wanted

“How wrong it is for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself.”

– Anais Nin

Are you anxious about starting a relationship with the woman you like because you are unsure whether you’ll be able to meet her expectations?

Do you sometimes find yourself unable to understand what she wants from your relationship?

Most men think it’s too hard to understand what a woman truly wants. They say women are just too complicated and indecisive.

But this isn’t true. All a woman really wants is to feel wanted… to feel respected and loved.

You don’t need a special guide in order to understand how to make a woman feel happy.

You mustn’t search for a special key to her heart. All she needs is proof that your intentions are pure so she can fully trust you.

What follows are the essential foundations that will build her belief in the relationship:

1. Make her feel safe

Women need to have a safe haven where they feel that they can trust their partners.

She needs to be able to trust that you are strong enough to handle whatever she shows you. She wants to know that she can show her vulnerable side around you.

She wants to know that you won’t crumble down if she asks you to do things another way.

By creating a safe environment for your woman to open up to you, you will allow her to grow within your relationship without having to endure emotional damage.

2. Listen

If you have been having a hard time understanding your woman’s feelings, you can calm down and stop stressing about it because it is not as complicated as you may think.

You just need to understand the importance of listening. Listen to what she has to say actively, and you will understand that women are not that difficult to understand at all.

Communication is key when it comes to women and relationships. If she wants something, she will let you know one way or another.

When she talks, make sure to listen with intent. Be emotionally present.

3. Acknowledge her

Take note of what she did and make sure you let her know you appreciate it. A kind word, a touching gesture, or a small present will help her feel appreciated.

List the things you appreciate about your woman and let her know that her goodness does not go unnoticed.

4. Let her know she’s your first and only choice

This is another thing many men get wrong about women. A woman will never ask you to have no other priorities but her in your life, but she’ll want to be on the top of your list and this certainly isn’t too much to ask.

A woman who knows her own worth will never accept to be your second choice or option. She wants to know that you want her more than anyone else.

5. Be her friend

Friendship is the supporting pillar of a strong romantic relationship.

Your woman needs to be sure that she’s safe in your hands and that she can tell you everything without having to fear judgement or betrayal.

She needs you to be her best friend first, and her romantic partner second.

This is the best formula for every couple who wants to keep their love fresh.

6. Show your vulnerable side to her

Women feel at ease when they know you are open to sharing your worries and experiences with them. That of course doesn’t mean that they want you to be complaining to them about every little thing, but they do want to hear about your major struggles and challenges.

Just as much as they need you to be there for them, they want you to know that you can also count on them. Sharing your worries as a couple gives you both a chance to comfort each other so you can rise and conquer your challenges

Women know how hard it is for men to open up, so opening up makes them feel truly loved, needed, and appreciated.

7. And above all, she needs your unconditional love

A woman needs to know that her man appreciates her feelings. She wants to receive the same love she is giving to you.

She wants to see your love for her in everything you do. She wants to know that you love her despite all her shortcomings.

You see, women are not as mysterious as you may have been led to believe. Show your woman that you truly love and respect her and let her be one with you.

We hope this article was of help to you. Let us know your thoughts on the topic by joining the conversation in the comments and please share if you’ve enjoyed the read.

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