After hanging around a hospital for a year, this cat got hired as security

Elwood has officially been employed as a security cat in Epworth Hospital.

After hanging around the main entrance of the Australian hospital for around a year, the red-white tabby has received employment. Elwood has received an ID tag and is now the appointed security cat of Epworth Hospital in Richmond, Melbourne, Australia. Bored Panda has explained that as a security cat, Elwood’s responsibilities and duties include “securing the front, checking if everyone has some pets and attention to give, or catching some sun in the nearby bushes”.

Source: Bored Panda / Chantel Trollip

Bored Panda spoke to Elwood’s colleague in order to get further information on the security cat:

Chantel Trollip, a pathologist at Epworth Hospital, explained that when she was coming in for work one day, she spotted Elwood wearing a collar with a tag. Shortly after, she found out that this tag was Elwood’s ID and proof of employment at Epworth.

I first noticed his ID badge on him in June. I was actually having a case of the sads that day, but seeing his ID badge turned my whole mood around! When I first saw him, he wasn’t wearing anything, so I assumed he was a stray. Then someone put a collar and tag on him and now most recently he’s got his own ID badge, which is identical to our actual staff badges down to the call codes on the back.

Chantel Trollip

Initially, nobody knew where Elwood had come from.

At first, everybody had assumed that Elwood was a stray cat since nobody had taken off the tag that the hospital had put on his collar as proof of employment; however, it has only recently been discovered that the security cat actually lives with a family across the road from his workplace!

Source: Bored Panda / Chantel Trollip
Source: Bored Panda / Chantel Trollip

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