10 absolute ways to get rid of negative thoughts and invite positivity in your life

Do you often find yourself lost in hundreds of negative thoughts?

Is it hard for you to look on the bright side of life? You might have let negativity take over your life.

But don’t worry, you can still let the light back into your soul. All you need to do is learn how to focus on the good things in life. It’s not as difficult as it may sound.

Here are 10 ways to fight negative thoughts and embrace positivity.

1. Determine the root of your negativity.

Where do all of your negative thoughts come from? You need to figure this out if you still haven’t. And you need to understand why you are feeling this way, in order to find a way to fight it. Make sure you don’t fall into a habit of negative thinking. This shouldn’t be defining your whole mindset. Furthermore, think about how people around you make you feel. The root of your negativity might also be someone’s unhealthy impact on you.

2. Look for the good in life.

The truth is, if you have a negative mind, you could never have a positive life. So next time negative thoughts flow through your mind, look for something positive in the situation. Ask yourself if there is anything you can learn from this challenge life brings you. For every negative thought, find one thing to be grateful for. You will be amazed by how much your life will change when you practice gratitude on a daily basis.

3. Be good to people around you.

If you are positive and kind to other people, even if you fake it at the beginning, you will invite positivity into your life too. Try to be an empathetic person, a good listener, and a trustworthy friend. Encouraging optimistic thoughts into your loved ones’ lives will definitely affect your own mind. Sooner or later, your own headspace will be filled with kindness.

4. Understand that your negative thoughts don’t define you.

You are not made of gloomy, pessimistic thoughts. Even if your mind is filled with negative thoughts today, this doesn’t mean tomorrow will be the same. Have in mind that the Universe listens to all of your thoughts. So if you want to change your life for the better, you need to become the energy you want to attract.

5. Practice gratitude.

This is something all people should do. Life is filled with amazing, uplifting, and inspiring things we should all be grateful for. Whenever you feel like negativity tries to take over your mind, remind yourself of all the great things in your life. Acknowledge the little things that make life exciting and thrilling, and be thankful for the people who love and support you. Invite positivity in your life by practicing gratitude.

6. Change the way you talk about yourself.

The origin of your negativity might be the way you view yourself. If you think less of yourself, how would you expect other people to respect you and enjoy your company? You need to change the way you perceive yourself. Instead of saying “I’m not good enough”, say “I’ll try harder”. Positive affirmations are key. Have a little faith in yourself. You would be surprised of all your hidden talents and skills you will unlock, only by believing in your own potential.

7. Focus on the present.

Don’t miss out on the present by overthinking your past experiences. Acknowledge where you are now, and learn how to enjoy the little things in life. If you focus too much on the past or look too further in the future, you might forget to appreciate what you have right now. What you do today will shape your future, so make it count!

8. Talk about it.

Bottling up your emotions will bring you more pain than embracing them. Trying to keep all the negative thoughts to yourself sooner or later will backfire and hurt you even more. What you need to do is learn how to face your feelings and allow them to flow through you. But never let them fully control your life. A good friend might be just what you need. Someone compassionate enough to understand what you’re going through and help you overcome it. Sharing your problems with someone is a great way to take the first step towards your emotional healing.

9. Work on your body language.

Believe it or not, body language plays a great role in your positive thinking. It can be an extremely powerful tool for communication and influence. What’s more, it can even affect your way of thinking. By implementing some essential changes in your body language, you can easily become a more positive and open-minded person. For instance, you can try to smile more, relax your face muscles, drop your shoulders back, and overall be more open. Crossing your arms and legs in a defensive position will only make you appear unwelcoming. When your body feels more relaxed and comfortably seated, your mind will surely follow.

10. Exercise.

Working out can be an amazing stress-reliever. Sweating negativity out will not only make you feel better but will also boost your self-esteem. No one says you have to spend hours in the gym every day. Just a brief 20-30 minute work-out would have an awesome effect on your thoughts. And the gym is not the only place you could do this.

There are many ways to exercise the negative thoughts out of your mind.

You can dance, swim, surf, ride a bike, do yoga… Basically, whatever physical activity floats your boat. This will surely keep your mind clear, and as a bonus – your body healthier.

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