A Pack Of Blue Stray Dogs Spotted Near An Abandoned Russian Factory

Photographs of a pack of blue stray dogs have gone viral after people spotted them near an abandoned factory in Russia.

  • The images have sparked curiosity and raised questions.
  • Many are outraged as they believe the blue color is a result of exposure to chemical waste from a nearby factory.
  • Local authorities are negotiating with the factory’s management to gain access to the disused plant and the dogs. 

Disturbing images of a pack of blue stray dogs surfaced on the Internet.

Several dogs with blue colored fur were spotted near the Dzerhinskoye Orgsteklo plant, an abandoned factory in Russia that was forced to close down six years ago due to financial problems. Local residents took photographs of the pack and they have since gone viral. The images have caused outrage and concern as many fear that the dogs might have been exposed to chemical waste from the disused plant. According to the Daily Mail, the factory used to be a large chemical production facility, making hydrocyanic acid and plexiglass.

The plant’s bankruptcy manager Andrey Mislivets commented on the images of the stray dogs:

Possibly they [the dogs] found the remains of some old chemicals and rolled in it, and possibly it was copper sulphate. Several years ago something similar happened when stray dogs got unnatural “dyes”. They must have found something. No one controls them.

Local authorities plan to check-up on the animals and enter the grounds of the abandoned plant.

Daily Mail also reported that Dzerzhinsk authorities are currently negotiation with the factory’s management. Taking this further, authorities aim to gain access to the factory and the dogs in order to determine what has caused their fur to turn blue. A government spokesman disclosed: “Talks are being held with the chiefs of the enterprise about the possibility of catching the dogs. They must be checked, their health must be assessed, and the reason for the dye must be found.”

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