A kiss on the forehead is more powerful than a thousand kisses on the lips

A kiss on the forehead speaks louder than a thousand kisses on the lips. 

Kisses on different parts of your body symbolize different things and carry different meanings. For example, a kiss on the cheek is platonic and often used when greeting someone. A kiss on the lips is exchanged only between romantic partners and represents lust, romantic love and desire. So, what does a forehead kiss mean and why is it more powerful than all the rest?

1. It shows a meaningful connection

A forehead kiss symbolizes a deep, meaningful and personal connection; for this reason, this type of kiss can be between anybody – not just romantic partners. That is, a forehead kiss can be given to a parent, a child, and even a friend.

2. It makes you feel adored and appreciated

When someone is kissed on the forehead, it shows them that they are adored and appreciated. Specifically in romantic relationships, this speaks volumes about the respect your partner holds for you. Furthermore, adoration and appreciation reveal a love that goes further and deeper than physical lust and desire.

3. The forehead is seen as ‘the window to your soul’

A person’s third eye chakra and pineal gland is located on their forehead. According to Cosmopolitan, a forehead kiss “stimulates the pineal gland, which releases chemicals that trigger joy and mental wellness”. It is interesting to note that this explains why when we are kissed on the forehead, we actually feel happier!

4. It shows affection and plays a key role in intimacy

A forehead kiss is a non-sexual expression of affection which according to Laurel Steinberg, PhD, ‘demonstrates a strong emotional intimacy’. In addition, this type of kiss is often given by romantic partners who feel uncomfortable with stronger public displays of affection. Instead, a forehead kiss is a silent, simple way of showing profound affection.

What is more, a forehead kiss is not one that is exchanged between two people; rather, it is a kiss given by one person to the other. This shows sincerity and makes it even more special. Therefore, a kiss on the forehead is actually more powerful and romantic than most people realize.

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