Rare blue moon will make this Halloween extra special

As if 2020 had not surprised us enough already, this year, there will be a rare blue moon on Halloween. 

Contrary to popular belief, a blue moon is not actually a blue-tinted moon; in fact, the color of the moon has nothing to do with its name and will therefore not change at all. As those who love astronomy may already know, a lunar cycle is 29 days. However, since most months have more than 29 days, this means that it is possible for a full moon to occur two times in the span of one month. When this occurs, this is called a monthly blue moon. Moreover, the occurrence of this celestial phenomenon means that 2020 will have 13 instead of the usual 12 full moons – as if this year was not strange enough already! 

This means that this October, you will be able to see two full moons. 

Harvest Moon and will take place on Thursday, October 1. As you have probably already inferred, the second full moon will take place on Saturday, October 31 and it will be a Hunter’s Moon. This is special not only because the month of October will have two full moons but also because, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, a full moon on Halloween only occurs once every 18/19 years!

The pandemic and the social distancing rules which have been put in place, as a result, are sure to have an effect on Halloween this year.

Nevertheless, the sky has made sure that even if you are in isolation, you will still be able to look up and be reminded that Halloween births spooky and unpredictable things. With some people believing that a blue moon may have some hidden spiritual meanings, nobody knows what this extra special Halloween may bring.

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