91-Year-old Gym Member Who Works Out in Overalls Becomes Social Media Inspiration

Semmes, Alabama: When 90-year-old Lloyd Black came to his local Anytime Fitness, he drew in a few surprising eyeballs.

Lloyd walked in dressed in his best workwear and asked for a gym membership; he had been struggling to do his housework properly and thought a little bit of exercise might help him build some strength and ease his pains and aches.

When he started hitting the gym, Lloyd became an inspiration to all members. And in January 2020, he was honored with the member of the month award.

“He’s been showing so much progress and over the past year he’s been coming faithfully three times a week or if not more like every other day,” Ashley Seaman, general manager at Anytime Fitness in Semmes, who awarded Lloyd, told TODAY. “We were going into a new decade and I wanted it to be a special member of the month this time. So I felt like he would be the perfect one.”

Photo Credit: Ashley Seaman/Anytime Fitness

In addition, his gym outfits truly grabbed everyone’s attention. Lloyd wears overalls in winter and work coveralls during summertime.

“The reason I wear them is very simple: I don’t have much hips,” Lloyd, a retired principal from Semmes, joked to TODAY. “If I get too active, I have trouble keeping my pants up.”

There’s a hidden advantage to the jumpsuits, he said:

“They are very comfortable and warm.”

When Lloyd started working out he was having trouble walking on the treadmill due to quick exhaustion.

In a short period of time, he went from breathing heavily through 10 minutes walking to walking 30 minutes with ease and he even found a way around the treadmill’s challenges:

Lloyd asked Seaman to get it to “run and I jump on it.”

Soon, his cardio improved and Lloyd even started to lift weights. He does upper arm machines and leg presses. It took him a lot of effort and practice, but Lloyd is now in good condition and also helps other members with their exercise.

“He’s just a friendly soul,” Seaman said. “It’s cute because he will go to the other silver sneakers, the elderly members, and he’ll show them how to use the machines.”

And while elderly people like having someone their age helping them with exercising and it is in some cases complicated equipment to operate, everyone eventually talks to him.

“He talks a lot and people notice his overalls,” Seaman said.

Photo Credit: Ashley Seaman/Anytime Fitness

As a result of his vigorous exercise regime, Lloyd is having less trouble mowing his lawn and working in his woodshop.

He feels stronger and moves around with more ease. He said the only health problem he is still struggling with is his hearing.

Even with all the benefits of working out, Lloyd is not exactly crazy about it.

“The fitness center is something you don’t necessarily enjoy, but you enjoy having done it,” he said. “You realize how much it helps. That is what I get out of it.”

Photo Credit: Ashley Seaman/Anytime Fitness

Lloyd’s inspiring story has gone viral ever since he was awarded member of the month. He has received a lot of praise from people around the world and Seaman is not surprised.

“He says that, even before his feet hit the floor, he will do his bicycles (exercises) in the bed and it helps them to get up and do things in the morning,” she said. “(He shows) that age is just a number it doesn’t mean you can’t get into the gym and it’s never too late.”

Lloyd said he’s happy that he was able to inspire others, even though that wasn’t his intention.

“If it helps others, I’m glad to do it.”

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