9 surefire ways to earn a man’s Respect (And the Respect of others in general)

(n.) a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

Each and every one of us wants to be respected by the people in our lives. Whether it’s about our romantic partners, friends, family, co-workers – we all wish to be treated with a certain level of admiration. What some of us fail to realize is that in life, you often get what you give. If you want to be appreciated, you need to be appreciative of those whose respect you seek.

Are you having difficulties earning the respect of others?

Here are 9 bulletproof ways to gain the respect you know you deserve: 

1. Respect yourself first.

If you don’t love yourself, you cannot expect someone else to fall in love with you. The same goes for respect. If you want others to value you, you first need to learn how to respect yourself. The moment you become well-aware of your self-worth, and you start to accept and appreciate yourself for who you are, others will follow your example.

When you feel comfortable in your own skin, the ones around you will notice that and will perceive you as a confident, praise-worthy person. Besides, history has shown us numerous examples of how men admire determined, self-aware, and even sassy women, who know what they want in life and would stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

2. Respect him as well.

Mastering the art of respecting yourself is crucial. However, you should never forget that if you crave someone’s admiration, you must have respect for them as well. As they say, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” This golden rule should be implied in every single aspect of life.

If you want to earn someone’s respect, you first need to be respectful of them. Simple things like paying attention to what they have to say and maintaining eye contact while conversating will show that person you truly value their presence.

3. Assert your intelligence. 

You are an exceptional human being who is worthy of admiration. Your unique perception of the world is outstanding. You have a cunning mind that is powerful enough to enchant everyone around you. However, if you don’t show your intelligence to others, they simply can’t see it nor appreciate it the way you deserve.

State your potential. Dare to openly express your genuine opinion. Back up your arguments with the knowledge you have obtained through the many years of hard work. In other words, don’t be afraid to speak up your mind. While some men might see you as a know-it-all and get intimidated by you, the ones who are worth your attention will truly appreciate your intellect.

4. Sustain a positive attitude.

Vibes are everything. The energy you radiate has an incredible influence on the way others perceive you. If you have a beaming smile enough to light up the room, the people around you will see you as a lively, visionary, confident person. Therefore, they will respect you and will be glad to have your positive energy around.

In times when being optimistic seems impossible, remind yourself of who you are and what you are capable of. You have the strength to overcome every single challenge life brings you. So, make sure you always maintain a positive attitude. There is good in everything – you just have to make a little effort to see it.

5. Take the wheel. 

When it comes to comparing women to men, there will always be people who believe that the female part of the world is less capable of taking control. Well, you have the power to prove them wrong.

No one can question your knowledge and ability if you prove it to them first. Therefore, don’t hesitate to assert your capability. There is a leader in you – you just have to set it free. Again, even if someone gets intimidated by your confidence to be in charge, know that the real ones will admire you for it.

6. Uphold the importance of respect in your relationship. 

Respect is one of the foundation elements in every relationship, romantic or not. However, when it comes to being in a couple, the lack of it can turn into a deal-breaker within seconds. If your partner doesn’t value you, something needs to change immediately.

Open communication is always a good decision. When you and your significant other talk things through, you can clarify the reason for the missing respect. Simultaneously, you can figure out how to build up mutual admiration over again. Being honest with your loved one about the way you feel in your relationship can never do any harm. It can only help you realize whether your bond is worth fighting for.

7. Remember that friendships are built on respect too.

Mutual respect is essential for friendships as well. It is key to an unbreakable bond with people you truly admire. Whenever you are spending time with your friends, you should feel safe, accepted, and loved. You should be confident to put the mask off and simply be yourself.

If your closest people don’t respect you, you must either change your behavior or replace your company. In case you genuinely value your friends, try to figure out what triggers their disrespect for you. But if you realize that their presence is toxic for you, focus your attention on people who inspire you, as well as make you feel good about yourself. Friends should uplift you, not undermine you.

8. Maintain respect in the workplace. 

While you can choose your friends, you can’t always have that power when it comes to your co-workers. However, you still have to respect them, even if you don’t like them. After all, you are at this job for your own wellbeing and prosperity. You are not obligated to be friends with the people you work with.

Though, you do need to value your colleagues and keep a positive tone, in order to sustain a healthy working environment. Being respectful of the ones you spend about 40 hours a week with will earn you their respect as well. Moreover, it can positively influence your career path. So, instead of letting your personal preferences bring out the worst in you, respect the people you work with, even if you don’t vibe at the same frequency.

9. Learn how to control your emotions

Unfortunately, we live in a world where being overly emotional often leads to being disrespected. There are many situations in which showing vulnerability can turn out to be highly unfavorable. Instead of presenting yourself as passionate, you can make yourself look unstable.

However, if you have control over your emotions, you can also be in charge of how others perceive you. As long as you stay focused while asserting a self-aware attitude, you will be seen as someone worthy of respect.

It all comes down to the way you see yourself. If you respect yourself, others will be respectful of you as well. If you concentrate on your personal growth, the ones around you will appreciate your ambitious nature. Earning someone’s respect is a journey, and it is a challenging one. But being praised for who you are is definitely worth the time and energy.

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