8 subtle signs you are a loner (and why it is actually a good thing)

Loners are individuals who have learned to appreciate solitude by spending quality time in their own company.

Unlike the majority of people, loners actually enjoy being on their own. For them, it is the best time to reflect, work on their goals, and challenge themselves. In other words, loners thrive when they are, well, alone.

However, these unique beings are not necessarily lonely. They do have friends and family members they cherish and love to spend time with. They enjoy exploring and going on new adventures. The difference is, they prefer to limit their social interactions as much as possible. That is mostly because they do not need to feel validated by anyone else but themselves. They are intelligent enough to know that it does not matter what others think, as long as you are at peace with yourself.

Have you found yourself in those lines? Do you believe you might be a loner? Check out these 8 traits of loners to find out!

1. You have a firm appreciation of time.

Live is short, and so is the time you get to spend on your own, unbothered by anything else but your own thoughts. As a loner, you know that time is truly priceless, as it is amongst the very few non-refundable resources in the world. Therefore, you always try to make sure you do not waste yours, and you cherish every single second of it as an invaluable present.

2. You have a decent level of self-awareness.

Only by owning up to who you are and accepting yourself with all of your strengths and weaknesses you can become fully self-aware. Luckily, you already know that. What is more, you realize that embracing your true personality is the only way to achieving inner peace. Besides, you are also well educated on the fact that being self-aware also allows you to be more empathetic and understand those around you better.

3. You value empathy.

Having the personality traits of a loner means you are incredibly empathetic to the people around you. You have the ability to understand the pain others feel and to sympathize with their struggle. That is also one of the reasons why your friends feel lucky to have you in their lives. You are one of the few who can truly get what it is like to feel powerless and alone in a room full of people.

4. You are even-tempered.

Whenever a tough challenge comes your way, you are always ready to face it with a strong will and a level-headed mind. As you often have the chance to self-reflect, you have learned that allowing emotions to take over in times when you need to be completely focused is something you must never do. Moreover, your capability to remain rational in sensitive situations also helps you set healthy boundaries with the people around you.

5. You are a loyal friend.

You may not have many friends, but the ones you keep in your life know that they can always rely on you. As a friend, you are the one everyone goes to whenever they need a shoulder to cry on and a piece of advice to follow. Your loyalty knows no limits, and all of your closest people admire you for it.

6. You trust your intuition.

In times when you need to make a serious decision, you often count on your intuition. The best thing about this trait of yours is that whenever you choose to trust your gut instincts, they never lead you on.

7. You find freedom in being independent.

Being a loner, you have learned that oftentimes the only person you can rely on is yourself. Hence, you have reached a level of independence, which gives you the freedom to do as you please. Though, you are not someone who would refuse to accept others’ help. However, you are perfectly aware of the fact that if you need to do things on your own, you would still be amazing at it.

8. You know the importance of self-love.

You are far from perfect, but you know that only when you love yourself you will be capable of genuinely loving someone else. That is why you never fail to take your time and indulge in self-care, especially when it comes to cleansing your mind.

So, are you a loner?

Let us know in the comment section!

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