8 Signs The Person Telling You They Love You Actually Means It

Actions always speak a thousand times louder than words.

Everybody will agree that there is a huge difference between being told and being shown that you are loved. Anyone can say I love you and make hundreds of empty promises. Therefore, when looking for “the one”, do not look for flattery and sweet-talking charmers. Instead, pay attention to the things they do and how they make you feel. Being told that you are loved does not necessarily make you feel like you are. Similarly, somebody can make you feel like you are the most important person in their world without ever having said “I love you”. How can you know if the words you are being told are real?

There are 8 signs that the person who is telling you they love you actually means it.

1. They always make time for you 

No matter how busy they may be, they always make sure that they do not neglect you and your relationship. They make plans, take you out on date nights, and come up with spontaneous ideas where they can be alone with you. In other words, they put in the effort to show you that they care.

2. You trust them 100% 

Time and time again, this person has proved that you can trust them with anything. Whether it is a small chore that you need to be done or a deep, dark secret that you want to be kept, they always show you they are trustworthy.

3. They communicate properly

This person allows you to voice your concerns and they do not dismiss you. Instead, they listen to you and communicate their own feelings and thoughts. More importantly, they do not argue to win when you disagree but instead, they try to resolve the issue by thinking of solutions, offering compromises, or apologizing if it is their fault.

4. They consider you before making big decisions

Somebody who is serious about you and your relationship will consider you when making life-changing decisions. Before making an important choice, they will ask themselves how it will affect your life together. If your partner confides in you and discusses life-changing decisions, they are definitely committed, serious, and in love.

5. They talk about the future

You have had conversations about your long-term goals and your partner has made it clear that they plan on being with you. Ultimately, you are both on the same page and headed in the same direction.

6. They give as much as they receive

The relationship is not one-sided and the effort you put in is always reciprocated. Your partner puts in the time and effort to be with you and to ensure the happiness of your relationship. You do not feel as though you are sacrificing yourself or giving more than you are getting.

7. They make you feel secure

You know where you stand in the relationship and you do not feel insecure. They always show you that they are happy in the relationship and that they feel lucky to have you. As a result, you rarely feel jealous and you always trust them.

8. They make you happy

How they make you feel is always an important thing to observe and note. If they make you feel safe, secure, content, and fulfilled then they are most probably doing everything they can to make you happy. Someone who tries hard to make their partner happy is definitely in love.

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