8 candid reasons why she is convinced she would never find true love

She used to believe in love. She used to fall for the idea of a happily ever after. But although her heart is still as pure as before, it has been hurt. Many times. So she reached to the point where the concept of love stopped making sense. The heartaches she’s been through made her entirely change her mind. They made her stop believing that she would ever find the genuine person she’s been looking for for so long.

All she wanted was to love and be loved. But her feelings were hurt way too many times. Throughout all the heartbreaks, she learned how to take care of her own wellbeing and how to never depend on anyone else. She realized that the only person she could fully trust was herself.

So, she no longer believes in love. In fact, she is convinced that she would never find true love. Here are 8 reasons why.

1. She wouldn’t settle for anything less than she deserves.

As she’s been through quite a few hardships and ruined relationships, she is now fully aware of her worth. She completely understands that settling for anything less than what she’s made for is going to be an utter waste of time. Mediocrity has no place in her life. Especially when it comes to love.

2. Her heart’s been broken too many times.

She trusted, and she was hurt. She trusted again, and her feelings were met with nothing but ignorance. So she stopped giving her trust away. To anyone. All the heartbreaks taught her to rely on no one but herself. That’s why crushing the walls around her heart and opening up to someone new seems impossible now.

3. She knows how to take care of herself.

After all the emotional pain she’s been trough, she learned how to take proper care of her own self. She became her own superhero. She stopped waiting for someone else to complete her and started prioritizing her own happiness instead. It’s been a while since she trusted someone else to take care of her. So now she’s been looking after herself, and she’s doing a great job.

4. Her nature is complicated.

She’s not like other girls. Her attitude is sometimes difficult to handle. She speaks her truth even though it might hurt someone’s feelings. People even consider her mean, just because she tells it as it is. That’s why her circle is so small. Only a few can see her real fragile self through her tough character.

5. She wouldn’t change for anyone.

And she never forced anyone to change for her. But there were people who made her deny her true self. They made her question her own worth and doubt her true potential. They are to blame for her insecurities and her fear of opening up. But they also made her realize that no matter what she does, she would never be enough for them. So, she promised herself to never change who she is for anyone.

6. She prefers to be alone than in bad company.

Why spend your life with someone who does nothing but drain your energy and suck the life out of you? It’s beyond senseless. Yet, many people are settling for a life lacking happiness, just because they are afraid of being alone. But not her. She would rather be single and happy in her own company, than waste her time and energy on someone who doesn’t bring value to her life.

7. She doesn’t believe in modern dating.

Meeting the love of your life through an app on your phone seems unrealistic for her. She is an old soul who would rather meet people in real life. Moreover, she prefers to spend time with people who know what they want from life and understand the importance of a real connection. For her, establishing a truthful bond with someone via texting just feels wrong. What she needs is real emotion and sensuality, not an emoji with heart-eyes.

8. She still believes in the idea of a happily ever after.

Even though she’s been through many painful heartaches, she is still a dreamer. She still believes happily ever after is possible. She just doesn’t believe she would ever find someone as genuine and affectionate as her who would turn this happily ever after into a reality.

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