8 behavioral traits of selfish people

We are all acting selfishly at times. We all wish for things to go exactly as we want them to. However, life is too complex and unpredictable to let us have whatever we want whenever we want it. And that is perfectly fine. But some people fail to realize this and behave as if everyone around them owes them something. These people are selfish, which makes them quite toxic to be around.

While we should invest in self-love, we must not forget that there are other people in our lives who deserve our affection and our thoughtfulness. Sadly, in today’s day and age, far too many of us have missed the point of self-love and have become self-absorbed instead.

Are there selfish people in your circle? Are you the self-centered one?

Here are 8 behavioral traits of selfish people to look out for:

1. They always do whatever they want.

With suchlike people, it’s always their way or the highway. Even if they are in a committed romantic relationship, which requires compromises and consideration, their selfishness still prevails. While doing whatever you want may sound pleasing, there are many situations where you must step back and do what’s right instead. Refusing to consider others’ feelings could be disastrous, as it may lead to losing friends, family, and other valuable bonds in your life. No wonder why oftentimes selfish people end up all by themselves.

2. They are obsessed with themselves. 

Indulging in self-love and self-acceptance is wonderful. It helps you to reconnect with yourself and find your true purpose. However, this has nothing to do with being self-centered or self-absorbed. If someone is thinking only about themselves and considers their own needs as their top priority all the time, then they are most probably selfish.

3. They are not prone to changes. 

Selfish people lack flexibility, both personally and professionally. They just stick to one routine that perfectly fits their comfort zone and avoid making any changes to it, no matter the circumstances. Whenever they get used to something, they tend to keep doing it the same way over and over again. And if something in their plans changes, even when there is nothing they can do about it, they take it extremely harsh. That’s because they often fail to realize that being adaptable is far more valuable than clinging to a routine that no longer serves you.

4. They are disturbingly jealous.

Feeling jealousy from time to time is normal. We all get a little envious sometimes. We just can’t help it. However, if someone behaves that way all the darn time, they might be a lot more selfish than they seem. Constantly comparing yourself to others and claiming you deserve better than them without actually doing anything to achieve the success you desire is undeniably narrow-minded and selfish.

5. They always want to be in control.

If someone wants to control every single aspect of their life and the lives of the ones around them at all costs, they definitely have a selfish personality. Suchlike people may think to themselves they are perfectionists, but they are nothing but control freaks. Whenever things don’t go as planned, they lose their minds over the slightest change. And if someone refuses to play by their rules, they lash out as if the world has ended. If that’s not selfish, then what is?

6. They constantly complain.

Their boss drives them crazy, their work environment is degrading, it’s always too cold or too hot outside, their friends are annoying, their romantic partners are never good enough… There are far too many things selfish people complain about. While we all sometimes whine about things we don’t favor, some people are doing it all the time, which is beyond toxic.

7. They just can’t be happy for anyone else but themselves. 

Whenever someone close to them achieves something significant, selfish people would either ignore it or try to belittle its importance. Some of them even might get upset that it wasn’t them who got to succeed, even if it was someone close to them. In such sensitive situations, they usually have nothing nice to say. All that comes out of their mouth is pure toxicity.

8. They have an unrealistically ideal view of their future.

Having wild dreams and ambitious goals is amazing. Going after those dreams and goals is even more admirable. But what happens when your ambitious nature stands in the way of the prosperity of your personal life? There are many examples in our history of people who chose their careers over their loved ones. While these individuals may be outstandingly successful in their fields, many of them end up alone and miserable. When you get overly consumed with the idea of becoming great at your profession, you might miss out on valuable moments with the ones you love.

There are times when you just can’t have the best of both worlds. That is exactly when the order of your priorities determines who you truly are.

If you can relate to those signs of selfishness, you might need to do some reevaluation of your behavior. You can start by becoming a better listener. This would help you learn how to take others’ feelings into consideration, which is a good way to strengthen your relationships.

Remember that life is unpredictable and full of surprises, so you just cannot be constantly in control of what happens to you or the people around you. So, simply focus on being present at the moment and be there for the ones you love. Sometimes your way is not the right way, and that’s okay.

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