7 Things That Emotionally Intelligent People NEVER Do

One of the most crucial skills for success in life is not just being intelligent but also being emotionally intelligent.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to comprehend, manage, and keep track of your emotions in a constructive way. We have all met people that seem to always remain calm in times of distress and are also emotionally mature.

So where lies the differences between people with high EQ and people with low EQ?

Here are 7 things that emotionally intelligent people never do:

1. They know that fear is a natural emotion to new things

Fear of new experiences is for the most part natural. People often rush to assume that just because something seems scary it has to be a bad thing. Being irresponsible and having no fear are two separate things. Fear is merely a way for your mind to make you think about what is going on in more detail, so try to keep it in check and don’t let it overwhelm you.

2. They don’t blame others for their issues in life

People with high EQ never blame others for their problems. They take full ownership of their lives and never say things like “well, we’re not to blame, it’s the other department’s fault.” They don’t make silly excuses and point fingers at other people. They take responsibility.

3. They avoid unnecessary conflict

People with high EQ understand that emotions are energy, and know that they have to choose their battles wisely. They only get involved in conflicts when they feel that the other person deserves to know the truth, or they are left with no other choice but to confront them. They stay away from unnecessary conflicts because they prefer to save their energy for more positive things.

4. They don’t see perfectionism as a priority

People with high EQ don’t chase perfection because they know it simply does not exist. After all, we are all fallible by nature. When you set perfection as your goal, you are always left somewhat disappointed and end up spending your time thinking about what you could have done differently instead of enjoying what you have accomplished.

5. They don’t befriend easily

One of the most important things in life are the people around you. Knowing how other people make you feel and why it is crucial to choose your friends wisely. But just like all other aspects of emotional intelligence, this is not something that happens overnight.

6. They don’t feel ashamed to say no when it’s necessary

People with high EQ know that we all have our limits and hence they refuse to say yes to everyone all the time. They set boundaries and they honor themselves by holding them firm. They only agree to do things they have a reasonable chance of accomplishing.

7. They don’t seek other people’s approval

If they set their minds to get something, they pursue it without feeling the need to get approval from others. They don’t need anyone to validate them. And while they respect other people’s viewpoints, they don’t let them form the basis for their decisions in life. They understand that as long as they are happy with themselves, they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

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