7 Signs That Your Partner Is Not Your Soulmate

How do you know if someone is right for you?

Most people wonder what are the signs that your current partner is your soulmate.

Articles all over the Internet give detailed accounts of how to tell whether or not the person you’re with is your other half. However, an easier way of finding out if someone is right for you is by knowing what are the signs that they are not your soulmate. If you and your partner can relate to these 7 things, then maybe they are not the one.

There are 7 signs that your partner is not your soulmate.

1. They bring out the worst in you.

The right partner will bring out nothing but the best in you. They will encourage you to follow your dreams and support you to be better. If the person you’re with makes you feel incapable, discourages you, or has influenced you in negative ways, they are not the person you are meant to spend forever with.

2. You cannot see a future with them.

Sometimes, even when we love somebody, we cannot see a future with them. When you are with the right person, you should not struggle to see a life with them. Moreover, you should both be able to sit down and discuss your plans for the future. If you feel like you cannot do so, they are probably not the one.

3. You are headed in the same direction.

There are many stories of great loves that are just not meant to be. Many people feel as though they have met the right person at the wrong time; however, it could just mean that the person was never the right one to begin with. You and your soulmate should feel as though you are headed in the same direction. There cannot be a future if you are headed in opposite directions.

4. Something seems to be missing.

Being with your soulmate should make you feel as though you have found your other half. If you feel as though there is something missing from the relationship and you cannot quite put your finger on it, you are not as happy as you can (and should) be.

5. Communication is poor.

Communication is key in any relationship, not just one with your partner. In a strong and healthy relationship, partners should be able to discuss everything openly and honestly. If you struggle to voice your concerns or feel like your partner is always holding back their thoughts and feelings, the relationship is not as healthy as it should be.

6. You do not trust them.

Not being able to trust your partner (and vice versa) means that your relationship will not last. For a relationship to work and succeed, two people need to be able to trust one another fully. If you do not feel like you can trust that your partner will not betray you or you feel uneasy sharing your most intimate secrets, they are not your soulmate.

7. You can see yourself with someone else.

While it is natural to find other people good-looking or attractive, it is not normal to imagine yourself with them. If you can see yourself with other people, you should break up with your partner. Being with your soulmate means not being able to picture a life without them.

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