7 significant things in your life you should always keep private

In times when everyone shows and tells every single detail of their life, privacy turns into power. The truth is, what people don’t know, they cannot ruin. That’s why, in a world where people are carelessly exposing the most vulnerable bits of themselves, we need to practice and value discretion more than ever.

Below are listed 7 significant things in your life you need to keep private at any cost.

1. Your next move.

Keeping your goals private is crucial. While it’s always exciting to share your plans and dreams with others, you need to realize that not everyone deserves to know your next move. Sharing the things that make your soul shine with just anyone makes them less special. It makes you vulnerable to people whose intentions might not be as pure as you believe. Dream big, but make sure the ones you tell your dreams to are worthy of hearing them.

2. Your relationship.

Your relationship should be between you, and your partner. That’s it. No one else needs to know about your romantic issues. All the juicy bits, such as deep secrets and intimate conversations, should never be let outside of your relationship. When these details stay only between the two of you, they remain sacred, special, and valuable. But once you let them out by sharing them with people who shouldn’t get their hands on such information, the intimacy dissolves.

3. Your financial status.

The money you earn, the savings you have, and the balance in your bank account is private information only you should have access to. Even if you make an insane amount of money, you should never brag about it or share it with others. Perhaps you can trust your family with this information, but no one else should know how much you earn and what you choose to spend it on. The sad truth is, today’s world is filled with envy, selfishness, and atrocity. And as you never know who might turn out to be the Brutus waiting to take advantage of you, better keep your balance to yourself.

4. Your kind heart.

The selfless deeds you do are already powerful enough. You don’t need to make them vocal or to seek validation for them by telling others. People whose hearts are pure don’t need to be praised by others for their acts of kindness. The fact they have somehow improved another human being’s life is just enough to fill their soul with love and joy. The feeling of being the reason for someone’s smile is the ultimate validation you would ever need.

5. Your weaknesses.

Exposing yourself to unworthy people could be lethal. If the wrong ones are aware of your fears and weaknesses, they wouldn’t hesitate to use them and take advantage of you. And you wouldn’t be able to protect yourself, as they will hold the key to the most vulnerable bits of your soul. What you need to remind yourself is that not everyone out there means you well. Not everyone wants to see you thrive. Some people want to crush your spirits, and knowing your weaknesses will only help them succeed.

6. Your secrets.

We live in a day and age where a person who acts like your friend today, may turn into an enemy tomorrow. That’s why you need to be extremely careful who you tell your secrets to. And if someone decides to share their secret with you, don’t be the one who would disrespect their trust. Don’t turn into someone who can’t keep their mouth shut. Protect others’ secrets as devotedly as you should protect yours.

7. Your family.

Just like your romantic relationship, your family issues should also remain only between you and the ones directly involved in them. Sharing them with someone who isn’t concerned is not only irresponsible, but it’s also disrespectful to your family.

Remember this: You don’t need to explain yourself to others. You don’t have to make your next move transparent for others to see. Telling people every single detail of your life can cause you troubles you might not be able to deal with.

Update your personal privacy policy. Instead of revealing too much of yourself, turn privacy into your superpower. Learn how to control others’ access to your heart and soul. You will soon realize that life is so much better when people don’t always know what you’re up to.

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