6 Important things you should always keep private and some good reasons why

We all want to share our accomplishments and happiness with the world.

We want to have someone listen to our stories of heartbreak and pain.

However, as much as we crave a deep connection with people, there will always be those things that should better remain unsaid – for our own sake.

It isn’t about being secretive – it is about shielding yourself from emotional (and sometimes even physical) harm by keeping some things in your life private.

There is simply no good reason to share the following 6 things with everyone:

1. Your biggest dreams and goals

Studies have shown that publically announcing your dreams and goals can make you less likely to achieve them. Experiencing the joy of letting others know what your plans are damages your motivation to actually accomplish them later.

Combine this with the judgment and expectation of other people, and you have the perfect recipe for failure. Don’t allow this unnecessary stress into your life.

2. Your private life

Letting other people in on the secrets of your personal life will ultimately work against you. In our current world trust is almost nonexistent. It is truly hard to meet an honest, trustworthy person these days. Why would you share sensitive information with people you don’t even know that well? Keep it to yourself.

What people don’t know they cannot ruin.

3. Your family problems

We all have family troubles. But our families also have their own way of functioning. No matter if it’s a love-hate relationship or something of a different nature, these are private matters. You do not need to involve others in your family business.

4. Your material belongings 

Showing off with your material possessions can easily be misread by others. You never know how others may interpret your bragging.

There are people out there who would put their life on the line to have what you have. Some of them don’t even have access to clean water, while others can barely afford to eat.

5. Your acts of kindness

The world is in desperate need of kindness. But it is wrong to only be kind when others are watching. If you want to help other people, do it for its own sake, not in order to get a pat on the back from society.

6. Your money

Talking about your finances is definitely not a wise move. Your salary shouldn’t be known to other people. Asking how much somebody earns shows a lack of manners and respect, and it is definitely an idiotic move to talk about it. Your finances are nobody’s business but yours.

Keep in mind that there are people who would be more than happy to contribute to your downfall.

Do not make it extra easy for them by doing such things.

Shield yourself from them by putting these boundaries around you.

Do you agree with this advice? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article if you enjoyed the read.

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