7 people dead after drinking hand sanitizer because alcohol ran out at a party

Tomtor, Russia: Seven people have lost their lives after drinking hand sanitizer after running out of alcohol at a party, according to reports. 

Two of the drinkers have reportedly gone into a coma after drinking from the big bottle of chemical liquid.

Nine people in total drank the hand sanitizer, nowadays used to protect against the novel coronavirus.

Image credit: Mir24/East2West News

The first three people who died were a 41-year-old woman and two men aged 59 and 27 while three more passed away yesterday as well as one today.

Image credit: Mir24/East2West News

Following the deaths of the first three, six more were carried by a medical aircraft to the city of Yakutsk.

“Nine cases of poisoning with sanitizer have been registered, including seven that were fatal,” the federal public health watchdog revealed in a statement.

Image credit: Mir24/East2West News

The state prosecutor for the region said:

“The poisoning took place as a result of drinking sanitizer.”

Image credit: Mir24/East2West News

Reports say, the group drank the chemical, which contains 69% methanol when their alcohol finished.

Image credit: Mir24/East2West News

An investigation has been opened and authorities have warned people not to drink hand sanitizer.

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