7 outcomes of successful parenting

What is successful parenting?

No matter how much their parenting styles may differ, all parents have the same goal: to raise children that are independent, self-sufficient, strong, and happy. This means that the strict and frightening parents have the same aim as the ‘cool’ parents who act like their child’s best friends. No two parents are the same and everyone raises their children differently. Moreover, everyone believes that they are doing it the “correct” way. In reality, people can parent their children differently and still be successful at parenting.

There are 7 outcomes of successful parenting.

1. Knowing the importance of hard work.

If you have been raised to value hard work, your parents have done an excellent job. Similarly, you need to be proud of yourself if you have taught your child to work hard and persevere.

2. Getting on with all people. 

Successful parenting means raising your child to look past differences and to accept people for who they are. People who have been raised right can get along with people from all countries, religions, races, etc.

3. Knowing the value of money. 

When parents are struggling financially, they often try to shield their children. This means that they lie and pretend everything is fine. While this is always done with the best intentions, it can cause stress and anxiety when the child becomes an adult. In other words, as an adult, the child may feel overwhelmed and shocked when they have to learn how to budget on their own and suddenly. Therefore, teaching your children the value of money and how they should budget can help them in their adult lives.

4. Being able to look after themselves.

By the time your child turns 18, they need to know how to cook, clean, and do their laundry. When a child grows up without learning home economics, they often feel helpless, lost and overwhelmed when they go to college. Successful parenting is raising your child to be self-sufficient and independent.

5. Practicing self-care

Life is difficult and it will always present you with challenges. Therefore, a child needs to be taught how to take care of themselves and their mental health when they face obstacles. They need to be equipped with coping skills and tools that allow them to take care of their emotional and mental wellbeing.

6. Setting and achieving goals.

Children grow up to be independent and confident when they have been raised to set and achieve their own goals. When a child sets their own goal, they feel determined to achieve it. More importantly, when they do so, they feel a greater sense of satisfaction than if they had accomplished a goal set by their parent. Setting and achieving goals helps you learn what you want. In other words, it shapes your identity and makes you independent.

7. Having strong ethical values. 

This is the most important point. Raising someone to know what is right and what is wrong is successful parenting. Your child should know not to lie, steal, cheat, etc. Moreover, they should know why it is wrong to do these things.

If you can relate to these seven points, you have been raised right.
If your child relates, you have done a magnificent job at parenting.

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