7 obscure patterns of Toxic Femininity that should be stopped

Women putting other women down needs to stop.

As times are changing, and females have earned the right to be treated as equals to men, a terrible tendency occurs. We are all well-aware of the term ‘toxic masculinity,’ which simply put is the result of teaching boys that they can’t express emotion openly. Well, lately, we are becoming witnesses of quite the opposite – ‘toxic femininity.’

Even though people rarely recognize or mention toxic femininity, it is still a detrimental bias for modern-day society. It is rooted in the traits we associate with feminine behaviors, especially in terms of stereotypes regarding women in general. And unfortunately, it is often worse than toxic masculinity. When it is women undermining other women, the bigger picture looks much more distressing.

Here are 7 examples of subtle but problematic toxic femininity to look out for.

1. “I’m not like other girls.”

When a woman makes such an exclusive remark, she is intentionally underestimating all the ‘other girls’ she refers to. In other words, she displays an intense sense of superiority in order to make herself stand out. By stating that she is not like everyone else, she implies that they all have flaws that deserve to be judged. While you may possess remarkable personal qualities, this does not give you the right to undermine others. Sadly, many women fail to realize that and often treat other women with extreme arrogance.

2. “Real women have curves.”

Some 20 years ago, when top models were rocking the catwalk with their thin physiques, it was commonly accepted that all women should look exactly like them – tall, skinny, and well-groomed from top to bottom. Luckily, this stereotype was eventually defied by society. However, nowadays, another body image is pushing females into that trap once again. Instead of encouraging body positivity, society is trying to convince ladies that if they are not curvy, they are not ‘real.’ What we all need to understand and accept is that all bodies are beautiful. Every woman is gorgeous in her own way. So, please, let’s stop body-shaming one another.

3. “Gosh, she is so shallow.”

Even after all these years of constantly trying to prove themselves, many women are still considered intellectually stunted. And the worst thing is that some females are taking advantage of this stereotype. They intentionally initiate or participate in belittling other women’s intelligence just to make a good impression. But in reality, what these indecent ladies are doing is encouraging the common belief that all women are shallow.

4. “If you don’t have children, your life will be worthless.”

Parenthood is indeed one of the most amazing things a person could experience. Our children bring incredible value to our lives. However, it is tremendously unfair to women who don’t have kids for one reason or another to be disgraced. You can still live a fulfilling life without being a mother. You can still have children after a certain age. And yes, having offspring is not the only way you can leave a mark.

5. “Strong women scare me off.”

Sometimes women tell other women to dumb themselves down, and that behavior is beyond toxic. When you feel intimidated by another female’s powerful presence, turn this intimidation into inspiration. If she shows higher emotional intelligence than you, try to reach her level, instead of pushing her down to yours. Don’t make her feel guilty for being the strong woman she has become after going through countless hardships throughout her life.

6. “Being a housewife is not a real job.”

We live in a day and age, where following a certain career path has become a must for both men and women. Being successful is measured by the amount of money you earn in a month, not by the efforts you put into your personal growth or the unconditional care you give to your family. Therefore, many women who have chosen to be housewives are being verbally lynched by the ones who are firm careerists at heart. That is mainly because these judging females fail to realize that taking care of your home and family is as valuable as making money. Sometimes, even more.

7. “You are too girly.”

How come being compared to another woman has become an insult? When did embracing your femininity become a negative trait? And most confusingly, why is that when a man behaves manly, he is praised, but when a woman behaves ‘too girly,’ she is being criticized?

Unfortunately, these questions are baffling our society for far too long. When a woman goes against stereotypes, she is considered weird or irrational. When she follows them by choice, she is deemed too shallow.

This toxic femininity needs to stop.

No human being should be forced to behave a certain way only because society says so.

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