7 effective ways to deal with people who are constantly picking fights

Some people just want to watch you lose balance.

They intentionally pick fights only to make you look like the bad guy.

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s inevitable to stop them from getting under your skin.

Being able to handle such irritating beings requires plenty of resilience, patience, and perseverance. In some cases, you only need to limit your interactions with them. In others, you need to entirely cut them off and let them know they can never mess with you again.

Here are 7 solid ways to deal with people who are always picking fights with you. 

1. Figure out what’s worth fighting for.

Not all things are worth arguing over. That’s why you first need to see what truly matters and what would be ridiculous fighting for. Besides, choosing your battles wisely will definitely save you valuable time and energy.

2. Speak your mind at the right moment.

Saying exactly what you mean is both courageous and very dangerous. Being clear about your intentions and preceptions is not a bad thing, but if done in the heat of an argument, it can sometimes make things worse.

3. Stop wasting time on people who refuse to change.

Some people just don’t want to change, even when they realize they are the problem. If someone clearly shows that they are not going to make effort to shift their perspective in order to improve your relationship, they don’t deserve your time. Period.

4. Be willing to compromise.

There are times when people just don’t have the same opinion about a certain subject. However, this does not mean their relationship should be over just because they have different views. At such moments, the best thing to do is to compromise in order to keep the balance.

5. Always try to be levelheaded.

Being able to remain calm and resilient when things heat up is key. This attitude helps you get a more clarified perspective, as you don’t let your emotions take over.

6. Don’t take it personally.

Not always the reason for someone’s anger and frustration is you, even when you are the one they are letting it all out on. So, before you start taking things personally, try to figure out what started the argument in the first place.

7. Avoid spending time with those who make you lose your balance.

Some people just want to watch you lose temper and say or do things you will later regret. If you have such individuals in your circle, make sure you limit your interactions with them as much as possible.

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