6 signs you’re wasting your time fighting for a toxic person

Toxic people are everywhere around us.

We can’t change that. What we can change is our attitude towards them. They shouldn’t have the power to play with us and make us feel guilty for being ourselves. We shouldn’t let them.

If you feel stuck in a relationship with a toxic person, this read is for you. There are some things that could show you if you’re dealing with a toxic person, and why you should run as far as you can from them.

Here are 6 signs you’re pointlessly fighting for a toxic person.

1. You’re never enough.

They’re just never happy for you. This person you thought you’re going to spend your life with is so toxic they don’t even bother to share your happiness. Whenever you have some good news or you did something great, they only listen to you, so they can bring you down and make fun of your achievements.

What’s more, no matter how hard you try to please them, it’s never enough. And the harder you try, the less interested they seem. Sometimes it even feels like they never appreciate you in any way. You feel like there’s nothing you can do to please them or make them happy.

2. You’re constantly walking on eggshells.

When you’re around them, you always feel like your actions or words will make them annoyed and angry. You’re watching your steps like you’re some kind of a criminal. Besides, when you bring specific things up, you feel guilty and afraid of their reaction.

Perhaps, you just don’t want to start a fight because you know what’s next. A whole overwhelming, stressful lecture about how you are ruining your relationship, or how worthless you can be sometimes. You don’t need that! You shouldn’t be afraid of sharing what’s on your mind just because someone wouldn’t like it.

3. You always have to play it cool when others are around.

Sometimes this toxic person’s behavior makes you feel ashamed, especially when you’re around other people. You don’t want them to see your partner’s true ugly nature, so you always try to downplay every mean thing they do or say.

Moreover, you already have tons of excuses about their attitude, so you just pick one and hope it works. These situations can be extremely emotionally exhausting. You shouldn’t feel pressured to cover someone’s personality and neglect your mental health while doing it.

4. They’re not putting any effort.

Recently you started feeling like you’re the only one who’s trying to make things work. This toxic person you once thought was the love of your life, now doesn’t seem to care about your relationship. You are trying really hard to keep everything in place, while they appear to be uninterested and annoyed.

If not now, then soon you will realize that it’s not worth it to give your soul to a person who doesn’t care for you. Whether you’re sad or happy, hurt or joyous, it doesn’t matter to them. This is nowhere near to a healthy relationship.

5. You’re trying to convince yourself they’re good.

Previously you had that image in your head of the perfect match, the most decent and genuine person you’ve met. Maybe they were like this at the beginning, but that’s far from their real personality now. You know that very well, but you’re still trying to convince yourself things will get better. It’s just a phase, they will be the kindhearted human you fell in love with.

Well, the truth is, they won’t. And you know pretty damn well how pointless it is of you to think everything is going to be fine. You’ve been constantly hurt by their true colors. It’s time to give up on this toxic attachment you have and move on.

6. They’re never asking for apology, and yet you always forgive them.

Your kind heart doesn’t let you be mad for a long time. No matter how bad they’ve been treating you, you always find a reason to forgive them. There is always some pretext you think about to excuse their behavior.

And in the rare moments they bother to make an excuse, you just let them do it. They had a rough day, someone pissed them off at work, the weather was horrible… You’ve heard it all, and yet you still let it slide away, and you act like everything is alright.

In reality, ignoring these problems won’t do you any good, You’re only going to keep it in you, and completely destroy your mental health. If you don’t want this to happen, better stay away from such a toxic person. You can’t change them! They don’t want you to. They like who they are, and you can’t do anything about it.

What you can do for yourself is run away from them and start living your life the way you should – toxic-free.

Give yourself some time to figure things out and take some action.

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