7 Common Habits That Make Us Sad

Habits are what most of our lives are made of. There are healthy habits which are helping us make progress and become stronger every day but there are also habits which aren’t that good for our well-being. Sometimes we need to be reminded to stop and protect our happiness by putting an end to our unhealthy behaviors. So here is a list of 7 common sources of everyday suffering that might help you fight them and find your way to happiness.

Being offended by what people say

There will always be people who will try to bring you down or make you feel bad about yourself. But what you need to understand is that it is your choice whether to react to their criticism or to just let it pass by you. If someone tries to hurt you verbally, it is highly possible that they are suffering deep down in their heart. Think about it, if a person is confident, mentally strong, does what they love and is happy with their life, would they ever think about dragging someone down? No, they won’t because strong people uplift others, they will always try to help a person rather than make one feel miserable. So next time someone tries to insult you, don’t take it personally. But if you are really influenced by the critic’s words, talk it over with a close friend or a relative, let it all out and most importantly, forgive yourself for allowing that person to make you feel bad about yourself.

Glorifying the meaning of “busy”

We are living in a fast paced world where everyone is always on the run. We are programmed to think that being always busy is something to be proud of. But haven’t we already crossed the borders? The line between business and insanity is thin. Many of us have forgotten that taking a rest is needed for our well-being. Some have almost forgotten how to relax and are always carrying the burden of their busy lives by constantly thinking about work and different everyday tasks.  It is essential for our health to give ourselves some time off. This will not only improve quality of our life but also the quality of our work. Taking small breaks every hour while working gives us the opportunity to freshen up and recharge.

Negative energy sources are a usual part of your daily routine

Many people don’t really know how exactly their daily routine affects their thoughts. They are so used to the activities they do on a daily basis that they forget to stop and reflect on them. Many of us forget to ask ourselves whether the rituals we do today are actually a source of positive energy or the reason for our suffering.
If you are constantly feeling unhappy, make some time to think about how a usual day of your life goes. Which parts of your routine you would like to change? What kind of people do you meet and how does each one make you feel? What kind of blogs/magazines are you reading and do you really enjoy spending your time on them? It is really important to stop and think what kind of things and thoughts you are brainwashing yourself with.

Because the stories we tell ourselves every day, become the way we see the world and the way we live our lives. Remember to make time for the things you love doing and to spend less time on the ones that bring you down.

Stuck in the comfort zone

As we all know, the comfort zone is the place where nothing good grows. It is highly possible that you won’t find your happiness there either. Being stuck in your daily routine, going through the usual activities every day, may make you feel unsatisfied and sad. Ways to break free from your comfort zone are to do something that is unusual for you, that you haven’t tried or you are scared of doing. Challenge yourself to do something different every week. It can be anything: from skydiving to ordering something new at the restaurant. Anything counts, as long as it is new for you or gets your blood rushing.

The “serious” mask

Taking life too seriously may make you feel more fearful because you start analyzing each move you make. You slowly forget to have fun, laugh and relax. How can you fully enjoy your life journey in that case? If you start feeling bitter about life and think of the world as a bad place to be, do this simple trick. Stick a note on your mirror that says “Lighten up!” Every time you look at it remind yourself that you are the one who is making things complicated and serious. Drop that weight and look at life from a different perspective- a simpler and clearer one. Remind yourself what’s really important for you. Practicing this every day will turn it into a habit and you will feel the positive change in you.

Comparing yourself to others

When you focus too much of your time and attention on what others  have and you don’t, you are surely headed down the way of suffering. Constantly comparing yourself to others may leave you feel envious and bitter because you lose focus of what’s more important- yourself. Next time you catch yourself doing that, take out a piece of paper and a pen and write 5 positive things about yourself. This can uplift your spirit and make you realize that you are awesome, too. It is human getting envious from time to time but when that happens, try to understand the origins of your jealousy. Ask yourself what triggers that emotion- is it because that friend of yours has recently learned a new language, travels more and just got a promotion? When you understand what exactly you are jealous about, don’t hate that person but ask them how they achieved their success. That way you will know where to start from in order to get what you want from your life, too.

Constantly living in the future

Making plans all the time and always thinking about the next thing you have to do, can leave you feeling miserable and unfulfilled. Constantly living in the next moment deprives you from living in the present one, it doesn’t allow you to fully experience what’s happening right now. By doing that, you will never find joy because you will always expect it to be in the next moment. You will end up skipping moments just like Adam Sandler in “Click”, he look pretty upset when he got old and realized he hadn’t lived. What we need to remind ourselves is that happiness can only be found in the present. Why miss it by worrying about the future or regretting our past?

Try being aware of your present emotions, activities and the place you are right now. Experience life now.

Image source: Alex

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