6 Warning Signs Of A Controlling Partner

Sometimes, we end up being emotionally manipulated in such complex ways that we can actually start believing that we are the ones at fault when the truth is exactly the opposite. 

Whether a partner’s controlling behavior leads to more severe emotional or physical abuse or not, it is an extremely unhealthy situation that needs to be addressed.

So, if you notice more than two of the following signs in your partner, you should consider taking the problem seriously, and seek help if necessary.

1. They don’t like when you make plans without them

If your other half often gets angry when you plan something that does not include them, that may be a red flag right there. Also, when you go out on your own, such a partner may call and text you non-stop until you get back home. If he or she cannot let you have your time with friends and family without them, then maybe they have very little trust (if any at all) in you. This kind of behavior is extremely worrying if they get frustrated when you don’t reply to them immediately or refuse to tell them where you are so they can come and join you.

2. They threaten to hurt you or themselves if you don’t play by their rules

If your partner threatens you with violence of any kind, they clearly don’t care about your wellbeing. This kind of behavior is both mentally and psychologically abusive and shows that this person is willing to do anything to make sure you play by their rules.

3. They accuse you of cheating with no proof

Does your partner often accuse you of cheating without having any evidence for their accusations? If that is the case, you should be extremely worried about this relationship going forward. While they may be insecure because they were hurt by a cheater in the past, it is unfair of them to constantly question your fidelity without sufficient reason.

4. They go through your stuff

If you catch your other half going through your things without asking for permission, it is a clear violation of privacy and trust. A person who does not respect your personal space is someone who does not have boundaries and respect for you.

5. They often ask you to prove your love to them

If you are constantly being asked by your partner to prove your love for them – for example by cutting off your friends or moving in with them before you feel that the time is right – that may be a sign they’re a control freak. They may even be testing how far they could push it with you while their demands become more and more frustrating.

6. They constantly criticize you while saying they just want what’s best for you

Does your partner keep criticizing your choice of clothing, or how and who you spend your time with? If the answer is yes that might mean that they don’t actually have your best interests at heart. They might be doing this to keep reminding you that you will never be good enough. They seek to put you down by making you doubt yourself so they can keep having the upper hand.

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