6 Reasons Why You Need A Sarcastic Best Friend

Do you have a sarcastic friend?

If you do, you probably already know that they are irreplaceable. They are the most fun to be around and they are always honest. To those who do not know them, their sarcasm can seem cruel and mean. In reality, however, sarcastic friends do not mean to cause you any harm; in fact, they are usually the friends who care about you most.

There are six reasons why you need a sarcastic best friend.

1. They will be honest with you.

This friend will use their sarcasm to point out the truths that you need to see and hear. You can rely on them to tell you things nobody else will. Those who have sarcastic best friends know that this can sometimes cause arguments. The reason for this is that sarcastic people will never sugarcoat the truth. They will say it how it is — not because they want to hurt you but because they love you.

2. They will never get offended.

People who never sugarcoat the things they say do not get easily offended. Moreover, they expect the people around them to be as open and honest as they are. They take criticism without getting upset and know not to take themselves too seriously. This means that whenever you disagree, you can have a mature and honest conversation with one another.

3. They do not let you settle.

A sarcastic friend will bluntly remind you that you deserve more whenever you settle. They will always encourage you to be better and they are not afraid to point out why they think you deserve more than the job or partner you have settled for. This can anger you at first but deep down, you will also be grateful for the faith they have in you and your abilities.

4. They will always have your back.

Taking the previous point further, a sarcastic friend will ensure that (one way or another) you do not get hurt. This means that they will not only encourage you to reach your full potential but that they will also protect you from the people who try to harm you. Your sarcastic friend will be unabashedly honest with you as well as the people around you.

5. They always know how to cheer you up.

This friend is a master of sarcasm and humor. This means that whenever you are feeling low, they will be there to cheer you up by making you laugh. Of course, they might make jokes at your expense; however, after being friends with them for a long time, you will know that they are not trying to offend you. Alternatively, they might make sarcastic comments about the people or things that have upset you. Either way, they always know exactly what to say and do to improve your mood.

6. They know when to be serious.

If you have not had a sarcastic best friend, you might be thinking that it sounds as though this person will never be able to show empathy or compassion. This is completely false. In reality, sarcastic friends know when to put an end to their jokes and witty comments. They know that sometimes, they just need to listen and offer you a shoulder to cry on. This is exactly what makes them so special.

Being friends with a sarcastic person means knowing that you will always have someone loyal, honest, and loving by your side. If you have someone like this in your life, let them know just how much you appreciate them. 

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