6 heartfelt ways Old Souls express their love

Do you love listening to old tracks and daydreaming about the days when people were much more connected to one another, even though they had no social media accounts? When you’re in love, do you feel it with every fiber of your body? Are you someone who is not afraid of expressing their true feelings and believes that love should always be felt wholeheartedly?

Chances are, you are an old soul.

Old souls have a unique, inspiring perception of life.

They have realized there are much more valuable things in this world than money and social status. Their incredible sense of empathy lets them appreciate life in all of its forms. They don’t spend their days searching for happiness and fulfillment because they know that these things must not be found but created.

When it comes to love, old souls deeply believe that it should be nothing but an authentic, wholehearted, mutual experience. They love with all their hearts and are always willing to go the extra mile, as long as their partner’s feelings are genuine.

Here are six ways old souls express their love:

1. They never hide their true emotions.

An old soul will always tell you exactly how they feel, whether it’s excitingly happy or deeply saddened. They feel no shame for feeling whatever emotion they experience at the moment, so they would never try to hide behind a mask. When they love, they love deeply, so they are not afraid to show even the most vulnerable parts of their soul to their partner.

2. They appreciate the little things.

Even the smallest gesture of love is enough to make an old soul’s heart skip a beat. They don’t need lavish presents to feel loved. All they need is a genuine sign of their significant other’s true feelings. Kind words and heartfelt deeds are what makes a difference and keeps the spark alive.

3. They have defined boundaries.

As most old souls are significantly more mature than others, they are perfectly aware that clear boundaries are crucial for every relationship. No matter how much they love someone, they would never allow them to cross certain lines. Old souls believe that romantic bonds should be based on partnership, not ownership, so they will never let their significant other control their life by disrespecting their boundaries.

4. They are forgiving, but not forgetful.

Old souls have an incredibly high level of emotional intelligence, which means they don’t allow themselves to hold grudges. Whenever someone unintentionally hurts their feelings and deeply regrets it, they are quick to forgive. However, if this someone’s intentions were never pure, old souls will eventually see the truth and will let them know their mistake hasn’t been forgotten. While they are not vengeful, they are also not afraid to let go of people who mistreat them, even if they love them with all their hearts.

5. They never settle for one-sided relationships.

No matter how much they are attracted to someone, old souls would never begin a relationship if they know they wouldn’t have a future with that person. They simply don’t have time for shallow bonds and immature partners. Of they are going to involve themselves in a relationship and build a romantic connection with someone, they would make sure this special someone will truly appreciate their love.

6. They believe in wholehearted commitments.

Old souls love dearly, authentically, and sincerely. They are not afraid to get emotionally invested in their relationships, as long as their significant other is willing to do the same. If you are blessed with a partner with an old soul, then you already know how unconditional and selfless their love is.

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