6 awesome reasons why it’s okay to be a little weird

In today’s ridiculously crazy world, is there an exact definition of normal? Who says what is accepted as reasonable and what is considered weird? And why do we keep convincing ourselves we must meet society’s expectations at all costs?

Unfortunately, many of us limit ourselves so that our image doesn’t appear weird in the eyes of others. We refrain ourselves from doing the things we love and being with the people whose company we enjoy only to avoid being criticized by individuals who couldn’t care less about us. How about we stop restricting ourselves and start living life the way we truly want to?

So what if you are a little weird? After all, the most brilliant minds in our history were misfits and outsiders. But it was their creative thinking that helped them achieve their tremendous successes. Therefore, if you are one of the few who prefer to think out of the box, don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, embrace your peculiarity, as it may lead you to some of the wildest adventures the world has ever seen.

Here are 6 awesome reasons why being weird is absolutely okay

1. There is no such thing as normal.

According to Merriam-Webster, one of the most-trusted online dictionaries, the definition of the word ‘normal’ is: “conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern : characterized by that which is considered usual, typical, or routine.” But who is to say what is considered usual? What is normal to some may be completely irrational to others. So we might as well do what we love and let others keep their opinions for themselves.

2. Being different can be a superpower.

What makes you different is what makes you unique. In a world where social media sets unrealistic standards and everyone is trying their best to look alike, be the one who stands out from the crowd. Be the one who defies those standards. Instead of trying to be like everyone else, accept your weirdness and turn it into a superpower. All you have to do is acknowledge your quirks, fall in love with them, and see the true power they hold.

3. What makes you stand out makes you significant.

If you do the things everyone else does and put the same effort into those activities, you will blend perfectly, but you will be just one of the many. However, if you don’t limit yourself and let your true nature come to light, you will be surely remembered. What is more, you will have the chance to find your tribe – the people who understand your weirdness, relate to your struggles, and get inspired by your courage to embrace your true colors.

4. Your authenticity is rare.

Today’s world needs more genuine people like you. Some may find you weird, but you have eyes for the real beauty around you. Perhaps, deep down, everyone wants to be more open and free to show their true nature. If you have the heart to do so, you will encourage others to do the same. Humanity is striving for authenticity, and you can help by allowing yourself to be more real and open to the countless possibilities in front of you.

5. Embracing your weirdness gives you a new perspective.

Amongst the bravest, brightest, most creative innovators in our history, the majority started off as weird kids who were afraid to come to light. But all of them found the driving force that helped them use their outstanding unusualness and turn it into art. It gave them an entirely different perspective that changed our world forever. You are, too, capable of finding that driving force within you, as long as you let yourself be a little weird.

6. Owning who you are pays off.

The way you see yourself reflects on the way others perceive you. If you see yourself as a winner, they will see you as one as well. Self-perception is the key. Therefore, if you dare to truly embrace your weirdness and show the world how amazing you are with all of your flaws, quirks, and imperfections, the right people will welcome you with open arms. It will be difficult at first, but when you learn how to own who you are, you will be able to face whatever challenge life brings you.

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